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Lucha Bros have amazing AAA tag title defense then shocking surprise challengers emerge

The Lucha Bros continue to wow with their lucha libre skills. This time, they had evenly matched opponents in the wow factor. Fenix and Pentagon put on a barn burner defending the AAA tag titles against Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo at Héroes Inmortales XIV.

Just when fans thought the excitement couldn’t get any higher, the Lucha Bros were confronted by another pair of luchador brothers to challenge for the belts in the near future. That surprise blew the roof off the building.

First things first, Lucha Bros were given all they could handle by rising stars Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo. Both teams tried to finish with early finishers but escapes occurred before execution. The challengers erupted for a flurry of offense. Vikingo connected on a springboard dropkick to Fenix. Laredo followed with a springboard splash. Vikingo finished the sequence with a double springboard frog splash.

The challengers kept up the pace when Vikingo used a rolling catapult to launch Pentagon into a powerslam by Laredo. The action spilled to the floor and got even crazier with a moonsault from Laredo to Fenix and a springboard inverted 450 cannonball from Vikingo to Pentagon. The landing was a little scary as Vikingo banged his head on the railing. That didn’t slow him down though. Vikingo was up quickly for a twisting tope con hilo to Pentagon.

Back in the ring, Fenix was victim to a 450 splash from Laredo and a 630 senton from Vikingo. Fenix kicked out after both moves. Cero Miedo time. Pentagon cleaned house, but Vikingo turned the tables on him for an electric chair drop to German suplex. Fenix hit a flying dropkick to break the pin.

More highlights include Fenix with a Fire Driver, Laredo with a handspring DDT, Pentagon with a super duper Gory special and package piledriver at the same time to his adversaries, Spanish Fly slam by Laredo, and an inverted 450 splash by Laredo.

The Lucha Bros were close to losing the titles on several occasions. It could be argued that the slow counts of notorious referee papa Tirantes saved them. The challengers began losing their cool with the officiating. They aimed to make a statement by using the Lucha Bros Fear factor finisher, but Fenix prevented it.

In the end, Laredo ate several superkicks and Fenix walloped Vikingo with a fancy springboard kick. The Lucha Bros closed it out with their teamwork double underhook piledriver for Pentagon to pin Vikingo for victory. The Lucha Bros reign carries on at 847 days and counting.

If you are a fan of this style of athleticism, then this a match you want to seek out.

As the Lucha Bros were celebrating, they were interrupted by a shocking surprise appearance. Dragon Lee and Dralistico came down to the ring.

Los Hermanos Lee are brothers of Rush. Dragon Lee competed once thus far in AAA, and it was in a losing effort to Kenny Omega for the Megacampeonato. He built his career through CMLL and NJPW. Dragon Lee is currently the tag champ (with Kenny King) and TV champ in ROH. Dralistico earned his fame as the second man under the Mistico mask before declaring free agency from CMLL. This was his first major appearance under the Dralistico name.

Los Hermanos Lee promptly challenged the Lucha Bros to a future title contest. Fenix and Pentagon claim to be the best tag team in the universe, but Dragon Lee and Dralistico demand to test that notion. Los Hermanos Lee don’t care if they have to go through Laredo and Vikingo to get the shot. The Lucha Bros talked trash with the message being to fight whenever, wherever.

Whoa. That was a stupendous surprise from Los Hermanos Lee. Dragon Lee and Dralistico can move in the ring. In my opinion, Dragon Lee is legitimately in the conversation of best wrestler on the planet. The prospect of them challenging the Lucha Bros makes the mouth salivate. That is one of those dream matches I didn’t think about until it was presented on a platter. For that, I salute AAA.

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