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MLW Fusion ALPHA recap: National title fight gets Filthy

MLW is building steam toward their Fightland special for Vice TV on October 7. Episode 2 of Fusion: ALPHA was all about priming the pump as Alexander Hammerstone defended the MLW National Openweight Championship against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, a Suplex Assassin suplexed his way into our hearts, and two young luchadores lit the ring on fire with their amazing moves.

If you want to jump into the MLW world prior to the upcoming title versus title fight between Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu, then now is as good a time as any. I suggest checking out episode 1 of Fusion: ALPHA then rolling right into episode 2.

Let’s break it all down.

Mads Krugger used Contra’s technology to cut into the live feed with a message for Alexander Hammerstone. The masked man praised Hammer being ranked #1 and vanquishing all challengers to the national title, however, Krugger’s mission is to end Hammerman before wrestling heavyweight champ Jacob Fatu at Fightland. That mission begins now.

Aramis defeated Arez. The exciting clash of luchadores started with fancy mat rolling stalemates then upped the activity to flipping feats. Highlights include a rope-walking somersault plancha by Aramis.

Arez used nifty kicks to daze his opponent for a Michinoku driver.

Arez also got creative for a leg-trap sitdown driver.

That’s just the easily accessible GIFs. Aramis also had a 450 splash and Arez executed a tilt-a-whirl backstabber. In the end, Arez missed a shooting star press. Aramis pounced for a torture rack airplane spin. So many spins. Aramis dropped for a sitdown bomb to win.

Jacob Fatu loves breaking necks, fracturing spines, and watching men bleed out. Hammerstone will be another body to add to the count. Fatu versus Hammerstone in title versus title will air exclusively for Vice TV on October 7.

Tajiri will be making his MLW debut at Fightland in a four-way fight for Myron Reed’s MLW World Middleweight Championship. The other two participants will be Arez and Aramis.

Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) was on the phone convincing the other person not to the the Renegades (MLW fans) down. Matt Cross interrupted wanting answers about a championship match. Duran appreciated Cross’ ambition, so he gave him the challenge of Fatu next week. It turned out that MLW CEO Court Bauer was on the other end of the call. Duran closed with, “Don’t thank God, thank me.”

MLW brings in women’s action next week with Willow Nightingale versus Ashley Vox.

King Mo was upset about being passed over for the Opera Cup tournament. There will be consequences.

Alex Kane defeated Budd Heavy. Domination by the Suplex Assassin. King Mo was ringside holding up counting cards for each suplex. Kane only did three, but they were heavy on Heavy. A ripcord Olympic suplex was the winner.

After Kane left the ring, Heavy flipped the double bird in defiance. Kane wasn’t going to let that stand, so he returned for three more suplexes.

EJ Nduka made a positive impression by showing up and showing out for the most eliminations in Battle Riot III. He delivered as advertised. Nduka plans to do more showing up and showing out in MLW.

Konnan is ready to unleash 5150 on Injustice. They are coming with fangs for the jugulars of Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. The new LAX will slap the shit out of those little boys.

Bobby Fish is coming soon to MLW.

Commentary informed us that Duran was impressed with Kane’s performance. MLW’s matchmaker offered Kane the alternate spot for the Opera Cup in case anyone gets injured.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone retained against Tom Lawlor. Hammerstone’s muscles were so large that he needed referee assistance to remove his jacket. Lawlor mocked Hammer’s size by having the ref help remove his loose vest.

Lawlor tried to work Hammerstone down to the mat, but Muscle Mountain was too strong. Lawlor went for leg kicks to chop down the oak tree, however, Hammerstone closed the distance for lock-ups. Lawlor finally gained an advantage by using filthy tactics, such as yanking Hammer’s arm over the ropes and raking his eye (or as St. Laurent explained the legitimate hold named eye-bar).

The match progressed with Lawlor chipping away for submissions and Hammerstone proving to be too tough. Lawlor decided to wave in reinforcements. When Hammer noticed, that was the juice needed to reach Hammermania levels. Hammerstone erupted for a big boot, German suplex, powerbomb, and the Nightmare Pendulum for victory.

Alicia Atout waited backstage to interview the winner. All of a sudden, Richard Holliday shoved her to safety as Contra attacked the Dynasty.

Thumbs up for episode 2 of Fusion: ALPHA. There was a quality mix of humor and action. Newcomers showcased their special skills, and anticipation was built for the Fightland special. My favorite moment was Richard Holliday saving Alicia Atout from harm. That could be the spark to thaw their icy relationship for romance. Love stories in professional wrestling are the best. I know it’s way too early to say this, but I can’t wait for the wedding.

The main event was perfect for its function. Tom Lawlor exercised tactical strategy in trying to conquer Your Boy Hammer, while Alexander Hammerstone was larger than life as Muscle Mountain. Seriously, Hammerstone’s power game was so strong that it made me believe he could run through Jacob Fatu in a shocking squash. The Samoan Werewolf will get his chance to shine next week against Matt Cross.

Arez versus Aramis was a doozy. If you want to see candidates as the next breakout luchadores, definitely check this one out. There was a lot fluff in a good way with extra twirls and hops adding sizzle. The body movement on counter reversals were neat to observe. I enjoyed how both men strung together combo hits leading to a big move. Aramis’ finisher was magnifique. I’m biased though, because I love airplane spins.

Alex Kane is a fantastic find for MLW. That man is the real deal in terms of a bulldozing badass. He made quick work of Budd Heavy using a variety of suplexes. That was effective in whetting the appetite to desire more from the Suplex Assassin. Credit to Heavy for creating curiosity about his future. The double bird salute made me want to see him return as MLW’s resident punching bag. There’s nothing like showing heart in the face of pain to rally fan support.

Share your reaction to Fusion: ALPHA. Who were the standouts to your eye?

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