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The IIconics announce long-awaited tour dates: ‘It’s been quite a bloody journey’

Catch Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay of The IInspiration (formerly WWE’s The IIconics) at a venue near you.

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IInspiration (formerly WWE’s The IIconics) are back in business as Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce) and Jessica McKay (Billie Kay) announce their upcoming pro-wrestling tour.

Lee and McKay announced a number of U.S. dates after being absent from the ring following their WWE release on April 15 (scroll to the bottom for tour dates). In a new interview, the beloved duo detail the reason for their in-ring absences and teaser their future.

“Well, can’t dance around it. We’re not Americans!” Lee tells Cageside Seats’ Shakiel Mahjouri.

“We are, in fact, Australian natives!” McKay chimes in.

Lee goes on to share the pair’s working woes.

“Which means that we do not have citizenship to this country, which means our eligibility to work here is reliant on a working visa and because we last our jobs — we were released — we lost that privilege,” Lee says. “It’s been quite a bloody journey to get back on track.”

“It has been,” McKay acknowledges. “But the journey reached its destinations and the inspiration are back in business!” they say in tandem.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team champions also launched new merchandise stores available at Pro Wrestling Tees: one for Lee and one for McKay. While the IInspiration are not prepared to comment on a long-term home, such as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) or Impact Wrestling, they did suggest their impending new theme song will drop a clue.

“What we will say, is if you have not pre-saved our new theme music, you can find it on our Linktree,” Lee says. “I feel like that is a prelude to something.”

The IIconics pose is just that and while the best friends have nailed their pose countless times, there is one version that requires more explanation.

“I’ll tell you what, it hurt the old back and neck doing it, but it was funny because I remember that promo,” McKay recalls. “They needed us to exit and we were like, ‘It’s weird if we just walk away.’”

“We don’t like to things how everyone else does them,” Lee adds. “We’re not just going to walk off.”

The impressive feat of athleticism, like much of the pair’s gimmicks, was a moment of real-life friendship on display.

“Sometimes even before we start filming, we’re just messing around and laughing and making each other laugh. Jess will do something and I’ll say, ‘Let’s do that...’ So I think that might be why that came out,” Lee explains.

“Our relationship is funny because it’s just me doing stuff and then Cassie saying, ‘Okay, go do that again because that’s funny.’”

Review the IInspiration Tour dates below.

Oct. 2 — Legends of the Ring — Iselin, NJ

Oct. 9 — Hazzard Fest — Greeneville, TN

Oct. 16 — Baltimore CelebFest — Baltimore, MD

Oct. 21 — Highspots Virtual event — Charlotte. NC

Nov. 14 — The Big Event, NYC — New York City, NY

Nov. 27 — WrestleCade — Winston-Salem, NC

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