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We may have just seen the end of Rhea Ripley’s NXT run

Rhea Ripley’s career in NXT may have come to an end.

Tonight at New Year’s Evil, Rhea and Raquel González went to war in a Last Woman Standing match. It was a match that certainly delivered.

They gave us some big spots worthy of the rivalry these women have. Early on, Raquel tried to introduce handcuffs but that backfired when Rhea handcuffed her to the fencing around the arena. But the big Texan simply ripped the fencing off to free herself.

The fight made its way into the back of the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC), via going through a glass door. It was there where Ripley channeled the head of NXT prior to jumping through a prone González on a table.

In a role reversal, Dakota Kai interfered to help the woman whose job used to be do the same for her. Unfortunately, that didn’t go well for the Kiwi. Rhea shoved her in a locker and then rolled a large cart in front of it. I wonder if Dakota is still in there...

The end of the match consisted of Raquel slamming Rhea through the floor of the stage. Both women were down, but González climbed out leaving her former friend laying, giving her the victory.

This could be Rhea’s final match in NXT. She put over a rising star in a big way and there really isn’t anything left for her to do in the promotion. Sure, they could find something. She’s a valuable talent. But with the Royal Rumble at the end of the month, I suspect a full time call up may be in her near future.

If that’s the case, this was a strong way to go out. This was a big fight that delivered big moments that are necessary for a good Last Woman Standing match. And it helped make González an even bigger star.

You can find all the results from New Year’s Evil at the live blog here.

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