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Xia Li & Boa’s return is off to a good start

For weeks, Xia Li & Boa were undergoing a brutal training, bordering on torture, for weeks under a mysterious woman. After that had been represented in brief cinematic videos, they finally brought the act back to the Capitol Wrestling Center.

Boa, Xia, and their mysterious master all walked out (well, the master was sitting in a throne). Tonight, Li represented their group in the ring.

The changed Xia faced off against Katrina Cortez in what was an enhancement match. This allowed Li to nail her brutal kicks before picking up the win. All while Boa and their new leader watched.

There wasn’t much more to it. It was a simplified match for Xia Li. And we still don’t know who the woman playing their master is. But they were able to bring the mysticism from the weekly videos to the CWC without it coming off as corny or cheesy.

I’d expect Boa gets his squash match soon so we’ll look out for that in the next couple of weeks.

What did you think of Boa & Xia’s reintroduction?

You can find all the results from New Year’s Evil at the live blog here.

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