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Cardi B tweeted about wrestling after Torrie Wilson name-dropped her on Raw, and WWE is loving it

It seemed like a boilerplate backstage 24/7 title Legends Night segment. The then-champ Angel Garza has been offering roses to real and imaginary women as part of his Latin Lover gimmick. He rolled up on Torrie Wilson, looking as stunning as ever (and very tall next to 5’ Nikki Cross). She sent him into a room to meet three celebrities she claimed to have invited to the show. He instead found the Boogeyman, which allowed R-Truth to get his baby back, Ron Simmons to say “DAMN!” and hilarity to ensue.

The three names Torrie dropped - Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande - didn’t necessarily raise an eyebrow. If you google “female celebrities the kids like these days” (or saw the video for “WAP” ... but then why you gotta leave Megan out like that?), they’d be in the search results.

But there was a method to WWE’s madness. Remembering that Cardi B’s a lapsed wrestling fan who might be home with a toddler (baby Kulture, not Ric Flair’s buddy Offset ... bah dum tss), their social media team tagged her in a tweet with a GIF from the scene.

That mention got some of her fans & stans to tag her in their tweets. She responded, and we had ourselves a trending topic.

We learned that the Grammy winner is on board with the Women’s Evolution...

This little incident from her man’s last appearance must have missed her, I guess.

Bacardi wasn’t really done with the WWE tweets. She stuck around to interact with some of her favorites from back when she was a regular viewer...

That one’s got to hurt Joey Mercury & John Morrison. Maybe Morrison can get his revenge soon, though. Wale & B are plotting an appearance...

Cardi vs. Vince at WrestlerMania? WWE would do it in a heartbeat, as you can tell by how their online team is all over this story.

You okurrr with that?

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