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NWA Shockwave: Nick Aldis title defense, Serena Deeb championship win, more!

There’s no better way to spend a lazy Sunday than by watching some primo matches from the NWA during their partnership with the United Wrestling Network for Primetime Live. The NWA contests had been part of a weekly PPV series earlier this year, but they are now available for free consumption in the NWA Shockwave series on YouTube. Let’s catch up on work from Nick Aldis and several championship changes, including Serena Deeb taking down Thunder Rosa.

Nick Aldis retaining the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Mike Bennett was the main event for episode 1 (here) of NWA Shockwave. I already recapped the match when it originally happened, and it is worth watching. Upon a second viewing, the match still holds up as an entertaining piece of sports entertainment. The shenanigans were enjoyable with a riveting finish, although, the story had to be rushed due to live timing issues.

Episode 1 also featured Eli Drake defeating Jordan Cruz and Kamille defeating Heather Monroe. If you are interested in seeing what Kamille has to offer in the ring, this is a good checkpoint. She kept it simple and stuck to her strengths to make a positive impression.

Thunder Rosa retaining the NWA World Women’s Championship against Priscilla Kelly was the main event or episode 2 (here). I previously recapped this bout as well back when it occurred. It was a great match with hard-hitting intensity. It felt like a fight. I definitely give this bout the thumbs up recommendation to watch.

Episode 2 also featured Kamille defeating Simone Sherie and Eli Drake defeating Watts.

Aron Stevens attempted to defend the NWA National Heavyweight Champion against Trevor Murdoch in the main event of episode 3 (here). Stevens’ Mongrovian karate was no threat to Murdoch’s powerhouse game, so Stevens resorted to cheap tricks to weaken the big man’s leg. Murdoch went high-risk and missed a flying attack. Stevens struck with a discus forearm. Murdoch kept his wits and sat down on a sunset flip for the three count. Murdoch became the new champion. This was a meat and potatoes style of match with a feel-good moment for the working man to prevail over the pompous Hollywood actor.

Episode 3 also featured Allysin Kay defeating Nicole Savoy and Pope & Watts defeating Zicky Dice & Effy. Savoy and Kay was the best bout of the show in a very solid contest. The tag match helped set up a challenge from Pope for Dice’s TV title.

Episode 4 (here) was the most newsworthy of the bunch. It opened with Pope (fka Elijah Burke) winning the NWA World Television Championship from Zicky Dice. Dice attacked before the match trying to injure Pope. Pope struggled to his feet, while Dice mocked him. Once the bell rang, Dice kept on the pressure. Pope found his groove on a powerslam then three German suplexs and a flying elbow drop. The TV title rules dictated a 6:05 time limit, so the sprint was on for Pope to finish. Dice used a referee distraction to kick Pope in the nuggets. Dice tried to capitalize with a neckbreaker, but Pope escaped to hit a running double knees in the corner. Pope covered for the 1, 2, 3 with 12 seconds remaining to win gold.

Next up was Nick Aldis wrestling Jordan Clearwater in a non-title bout. Aldis was giving the youngster a chance to dance with the champ. In the end, Clearwater escaped a superplex by headbutting Aldis off the ropes. Clearwater pounced on the attack, but Aldis caught him for a cloverleaf submission.

The third bout was Serena Deeb winning the NWA World Women’s Championship from Thunder Rosa. Rosa earned early momentum through aggression. Deeb came back with a neckbreaker in the ropes. The battle raged on as Deeb worked the neck while Rosa fired off knees and dropkicks. Rosa escaped a front slam to execute a DVD. Deeb was in pain. She resourcefully used the referee break to chop block Rosa’s legs. Deeb worked to wear down the champ and then hit a piledriving front slam, however, Rosa got her foot on the rope for the pin break. Rosa retaliated to that earlier cheap tactic by ramming Deeb into the ring posts. Rosa was feeling good after a German suplex, big knee, and running boot. She let out a roar of energy. At that moment, Deeb caught her by surprise with a roll-up for victory. Great match and another on the thumbs up list.

The main event saw new tag champs crowned. Aron Stevens brought in a surprise partner in the form of JR Kratos to face Eli Drake & James Storm. Stevens claimed that no one could prove Kratos was not ¿Question Mark? Both teams brawled in a melee around the ring. Once the opening bell officially rang, the champs seized control. Kratos eventually used his power game to get the upper hand. That led to a hot tag to Storm and a flying clothesline from Drake over the ropes. Stevens pulled Storm off on the pin then whacked Drake with a chair. Stevens tried to enter the ring with the foreign object, but Storm yanked it away. That distraction allowed Kratos to strike Storm with a low blow to win the tag titles.

For NWA fans, the four episode run of Shockwave is a perfect binge to get up to speed on recent events. It concluded with Joe Galli teasing exciting plans to be revealed soon in 2021. For fans that just want badass matches, stick to Aldis vs Bennett, Thunder Rosa vs Kelly, and Thunder Rosa vs Deeb.

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