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Trey Miguel makes surprise return to Impact as Tommy Dreamer gets World title shot

Trey Miguel’s days in the Impact Zone appeared to be over when his contract expired last year along with his Rascalz pals, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz. Impact rewarded their service with a special TV main event match back in November 2020. Rumors were abound that the crew would sign elsewhere. That proved to be true for Dez and Wentz when they debuted in NXT as Wes Lee and Nash Carter. For Trey, he made a surprise return appearance tonight on Impact Wrestling.

The story started when Rich Swann kicked off the show to gift Tommy Dreamer a world title shot for his 50th birthday on February 13 at No Surrender.

A menacing crew of bad guys took exception to being passed over. Sami Callihan, Chris Bey, and Moose took out their frustration with violence to the babyfaces. Willie Mack evened the odds, but an enraged Ken Shamrock swung it back in favor for the heels to stand tall.

Swann, Dreamer, and Mack went backstage to Scott D’Amore to demand a proper match. D’Amore anticipated their request and had a fourth team member already waiting. The identity of this man was kept a mystery from viewers, but Swann, Dreamer, and Mack appeared to be very pleased with the selection.

The surprise man turned out to be Trey Miguel.

Trey was flashy with blonde hair and new gear. Commentary put over his focused aggression.

Trey picked up the winning pin for his team by escaping a package piledriver from Callihan to counter with a hurricanrana.

Trey’s return was a heck of a surprise. Most fans, myself included, wrote him off as leaving Impact, so it was quite the shock to see Trey grace the Impact Zone once again. It will be interesting to see how Trey fits in the main event scene. Rich Swann has a busy schedule coming up. He’ll defend the Impact World Championship against Tommy Dreamer on February 13 at No Surrender.

Swann will then have to deal with a future title shot from Moose. There’s also Kenny Omega possibly lurking in the shadows looking to collect Impact’s top prize. With that timeline, Trey may not get a legit chance to be world champ until the second half of the year.

How big of a surprise was Trey Miguel’s return to Impact for you? Do you think it is a smart move for Trey’s career? Are you excited for Tommy Dreamer challenging for gold against Rich Swann?

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