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Kofi tells ‘coward’ Ali, ‘We’re going to war’

As is RETRIBUTION custom, Mustafa Ali delivered his latest promo on Kofi Kingston via Twitter video before yesterday’s Raw. It was played on the broadcast (but don’t look for it on the Hulu version... another RETRIBUTION custom is they get cut from that), then Ali delivered another message to Kingston after the group beatdown Xavier Woods following his victory over SLAPJACK.

That message was that Ali would be taking Kofi’s spot in the Royal Rumble on Sunday (Jan. 31). But Kingston is more focused on what they did to his New Day brother. The former WWE champ isn’t joking around any more, calling Mustafa a coward and promising to bring hell with him when he returns from his jaw injury...

We don’t know yet when Kofi will be cleared to return to the ring, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make an appearance this weekend at Royal Rumble, would you? Maybe during or sometime after Ali enters the Rumble itself?

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