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MLW Fusion recap & reactions: Jacob Fatu duped by Injustice

MLW Fusion returned for episode 118 with the Contra Unit showing their force. Daivari debuted in the ring as a Contra soldier, Simon Gotch roughed up Jordan Oliver in their grudge match, and Jacob Fatu ran roughshod on ACH while defending the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Despite Contra’s dominance, a wily pair of scamps had the last laugh.

Let’s break it all down.

Rich Bocchini and Jared Saint Laurent discussed the news of ACH being attacked outside his gym earlier in the week. Team Filthy is being loosely accused.

Zenshi vs Daivari

Daivari was in action for the first time as Contra Unit’s newest soldier. The bout began with a little bit of mat work as Daivari controlled the rhythm. He unloaded a big clothesline and clobbering blows in the corner. Daivari then focused on working the left arm of Zenshi with a hammerlock slam. Zenshi fired up for an offensive flurry with a slingshot cutter, leaping seated senton, and a whirling slam. Zenshi tried to get fancy and paid the price when Daivari got his knees up on a 450 splash. Daivari finished the fight with a hammerlock lariat at 6:11.

Myron Reed spit facts to Contra. Don’t think two grown men will back down after that attack. Daivari can keep the chest protector. Contra will be served much-deserved justice.

Savio Vega challenged Richard Holliday to a Caribbean strap match to settle their beef over Holliday stealing the Caribbean Championship. Vega will be bringing the same strap he used to fight Steve Austin.

Grudge mach: Jordan Oliver vs Simon Gotch

Double clothesline to start with Oliver being knocked on his keister. Both men exchanged heavy blows for an extended period. Gotch ducked then exploded for a Saito suplex.

Oliver came right back with a German suplex. The fight spilled to the floor. Gotch turned the tide on an elbow drop off the apron. He maintained rugged control trying to put out Oliver’s fighting spirit. Oliver rallied with a big knee and a bit boot. He took flight for a springboard maneuver, but Gotch caught him in a sleeper. Oliver passed out at 7:28. After the match, Gotch hit a piledriver and put the boots to his adversary. Myron Reed ran out to check on his pal.

Alicia Atout was with Team Filthy. Tom Lawlor denied the accusations of attacking ACH. They are focused on Filthy Island, not accch (pronunciation of ACH as a word).

Atout spoke with Salina de la Renta about who acquired Promociones Dorado. Salina deflected to focus on Mil Muertes. They want gold, power, and real competition. Atout vowed to get to the bottom of the story.

Mads Krugger is the face of fear as the black hand of Contra. His fight with Alexander Hammerstone was only the beginning. Krugger will be Hammer’s demise. In two weeks time, Krugger will finish what he started.

Bocchini informed us that Krugger and Hammerstone will meet for a Baklei brawl, which is bare knuckles and anything goes. The concept has origins in the South African underworld.

Atout provided an update on ACH. He believes he heard Dominic Garrini’s voice during the attack. Despite that, ACH is focused on beating Jacob Fatu.

The upcoming MLW schedule includes Vega vs Holliday next week, Hammerstone vs Kruger on February 3, and Filthy Island on February 17.

Holliday was in Martha’s Vineyard while responding to Vega’s challenge. His lawyer/father warned him not to sign the paperwork for the strap match, but Holliday is not worried. He is 12 steps ahead of Vega and can’t wait to whip him all over the arena.

The champion roll call montage led into the main event.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu vs ACH

The champ was flanked by Daivari. The challenger had his ribs taped.

Ding, ding, ding. Fatu charged to smash ACH into the corner at the sound of the opening bell. ACH had moments of athleticism to create space and stay alive. ACH launched for a slingshot plancha, but Fatu caught him to ram into the ring post. Fatu executed a couple butt drops onto ACH’s tender midsection. Another ACH rally was cut short with a Samoan drop. Fatu mauled his opponent.

ACH dodged a corner attack. He tried to pick up Fatu for a slam, but he collapsed backward in pain. Later, ACH used his quickness to pick up momentum with a striking barrage. ACH punted Fatu in the face. ACH’s foot took some punishment on that one, and I’d like to think he was selling the infamous idea of wrestling Samoans having hard heads. ACH scored a slingshot cutter. The challenger tried to pick up Fatu again, but he couldn’t muster the strength. As ACH winced in pain, Fatu kicked him in the gut. A pop-up Samoan drop and a springboard moonsault ended ACH’s evening as Fatu retained the gold at 9:52.

After the match, Fatu cut a promo about how Contra is here to stay. They have been running the game ever since coming to MLW. Fatu was bizarrely attacked by his own soldiers. It turned out to be Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver in disguise.

Jacob Fatu continued his streak of dominance in episode 118 of MLW Fusion. He has a perfect blend of menace and force as a feature attraction. If Fatu is coming to town, I’m buying a ticket. I want to see him in action, and I also want to see if anyone can beat him.

ACH never had much of a chance. I would have preferred MLW didn’t hit him with the injury story, but perhaps they have a rematch in the plans down the line. ACH going in at less than 100% gives him room to get back in the hunt in time.

The grudge match between Simon Gotch and Jordan Oliver was very enjoyable. The intensity of the action fit into the story being told prior to the fight. I wasn’t rooting for Gotch, but I have to admit it was amusing to see him shut the loudmouth up. Oliver has been barking for so long and was put in his place. I appreciated Jared St. Laurent’s analysis of Oliver being deceptively lanky in reaching the ropes on submissions. That was the type of tidbit that enhanced the viewing experience.

Daivari handled business. He will be a solid stepping stone for whoever pulls his card, most likely Myron Reed. Zenshi continues to look cool in the ring, even though, he’s been on the losing end recently.

Strap match! Great stipulation to blow off the Caribbean Championship feud knowing Savio Vega’s history with the strap. Richard Holliday’s beard and tough guy talk pumped me up to see if he can back up his attitude. I have a feeling that the fancy boy will be in great pain the first time leather cracks his skin.

My favorite moments were the promo from Mads Krugger and the attack by Injustice. Krugger once again sold me on believing in his abilities as a villain. The production of the promo was effective in its creepiness. Good job by Injustice to keep Contra on their toes. I did not see that surprise coming. It was a bold move, since there will be payback from Contra. It’s also the type of bravado that will earn my interest as a fan.

Share you thoughts on MLW Fusion. Which match or moment stole the show?

MLW Fusion streams on Fubo Sports Network Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, posts on YouTube Wednesdays at 7 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on demand with DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

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