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Kacy Catanzaro’s new finisher is wild

This first match of the first ever Women’s Dusty Cup went down tonight when the underdog team of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter faced Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez.

This was often a one-sided match, putting over the fact that the KCs were over matched experience-wise and size-wise. Martinez and Storm dominated most of the match. That was until Mercedes’ past sins returned to cost her.

With the referee on the other side of the ring focused on the action, Io Shirai returned from injury that Martinez inflected and tossed her foe into the announce table. This let the underdogs come back in what was pretty much a handicap match and score an upset victory.

This included a wild finishing move off the top rope by former American Ninja Warrior Catanzaro:

That’s pretty insane. It’s like a corkscrew senton moonsault thingy. Maybe we’ll just wait for her to name it because “corkscrew senton moonsault thingy” doesn’t have a ring to it.

Congrats to the KCs for winning the first women’s Dusty Classic match.

You can find the results of tonight’s episode of NXT at the live blog here.

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