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What is Scarlett wearing on her head?

Karrion Kross had himself a squash match tonight on NXT against Ashante Adonis.

There was nothing special about that. He does that all the time. What really stuck out was Scarlett, and specifically what she was wearing on her head.

What is that thing? Is it a crown? Is it supposed to be something growing out of her head? Honestly, it looks like headgear you’d maybe see in Midsommar or some cult horror movie.

Scarlett is a vital part of Karrion Kross’ presentation. She often speaks for him and acts as his harbinger when he isn’t there. She always looks like a dark angel to sell the doomsday aspect of the act. This is no different. It was creepy and captivating, something that stuck out when the match itself was just a squash.

I kind of hope it gets more elaborate every week.

You can find the results of tonight’s episode of NXT at the live blog here.

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