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Some creep tried impersonating Brodie Jr. on Twitter

Proving yet again that humanity wasn’t ready for the internet.

They’re not my bag, but if you want to have a clearly marked role playing account of your favorite wrestler, that’s cool.

It gets weird when people don’t clearly identify themselves as fictional or satirical versions of the person/character, though. And pretending to be a child or the widow of a man who just died a week ago. In the immortal words of The Iron Sheik, “Go F*** Yourself.”

AEW didn’t use Sheiky Baby’s catchphrase, but that’s the spirit of this tweet, sent after an account purporting to belong to eight year old Brodie Lee Jr. popped up, and even conned some prominent wrestlers and wrestling personalities into following it.

Amanda Huber was understandably much more forthright in calling the creep or creeps out.

Amanda Huber’s Instagram

She also pointed out that there’s an account pretending to be her, which is looking to bolster its credentials by calling out the Brodie Jr. account as fake. Creep-ception!

Amanda Huber’s Instagram

Thankfully, the Brodie Jr. account is already gone (the fake “Manda Huber” one is still up). But in the unfortunately not unlikely event that another pops up, don’t fall for it. And report it.

Depending on your personal beliefs, worldview, and frame of mind, you might also pray for whatever sad soul thinks this is something that’s okay to do. Otherwise, just channel The Sheik*...

* An account which also reportedly isn’t run by the man himself, but is at least run with his blessing.

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