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ROH Wrestling recap: Dragon Lee defends TV title in barn burner

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Episode 487 of ROH Wrestling featured Rhett Titus trying to beat honor into Flip Gordon and Dragon Lee defending the TV title against Rey Horus in a firecracker of a bout.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

The show opened with Final Battle PPV highlights of Jonathan Gresham defeating Flip Goran and Dragon Lee defeating Tony Deppen. Quinn McKay explained the new ROH ranking system. Also, the board of directors has banned Matt Taven and Vincent from appearing together at sanctioned ROH events due to the overall chaos that always erupts between the two.

Rhett Titus was pleased with the Foundation’s success at Final Battle, but he was upset about Flip Gordon not adhering to the Code of Honor and not shaking Gresham’s hand in defeat. Titus will beat honor into Gordon.

Gordon didn’t see honor in the way Gresham won. He did not explain why. Gordon doesn’t give a damn about Titus’ feelings.

Rhett Titus vs Flip Gordon

Pure rules with a 15-minute time limit. Gordon did not shake hands prior to the bout. Titus controlled the nifty mat work early. Gordon used his first rope break on an arm lock. Titus resumed his game plan. Gordon used his second rope break on a single-leg crab.

Gordon turned the tide by snapping Titus’ neck into the ropes. He followed with a reverse DDT variation and worked the legs. Titus used his first rope break on a figure-four. Titus roared back with big boots, a legbreaker, and another single-leg crab. Gordon escaped, but Titus responded with a German suplex.

Titus was on the turnbuckles when Gordon leaped up for a springboard kick to knock him out of the ring. Gordon inflicted pain with a fisherman’s suplex in the floor. Back in the ring, Gordon talked smack. Titus exploded into a single-leg crab. Gordon was forced to use his final rope break.

Titus went for a German suplex, but Gordon flipped out. A superkick and springboard crossbody gave Gordon momentum. He picked up Titus in a fireman’s carry, but his knee buckled under the pressure. The two men exchanged rolling pinfalls, then Gordon popped up to punch Titus with a closed fist. The referee issued a warning. The punch looked more like a natural reaction rather then an intentional rule break.

With 35 seconds remaining, the damage was done. Gordon pounced for a curb stomp and fisherman’s carry cutter for victory at 14:47.

After the match, Titus was down on the mat in pain. Gordon grabbed Titus’ arm for a sarcastic handshake of honor.

Backstage, McKay informed Gordon that he has been suspended from the Pure division due to the punch and lack of respect for the Code of Honor. Gordon didn’t care. He’s still the #1 contender for the ROH World Championship. He might also join the TV division or even the tag team division.

Rey Horus is proud to bring his culture to ROH. Wrestling around the world has influenced his style. Horus has respect for Dragon Lee, but he will become the next ROH TV Champion.

Dragon Lee had a ornery attitude toward staff during his promo. Horus will feel pain like never before.

ROH World Television Championship: Dragon Lee vs Rey Horus

Horus attacked with a flying cannonball during Lee’s entrance. A flying crossbody and tornado DDT followed as Horus tried to pick up a quick win. The champ kicked out. Horus sent Lee into the barricade with an Irish whip. Lee turned the tables with a hurricanrana off the apron. An exchange of furious forearm blows took place before Lee and Horus got back in the ring at the count of 19.

They resumed the forearm fight inside the squared circle. Horus came out on top with a standing Spanish Fly. Lee used fancy feet to knock Horus down in the corner. The champ charged for elbows and a running dropkick. Horus came back on an overhead suplex into the turnbuckles. The challenger almost won off a Spanish Fly, but Lee refused to lose.

Lee halted a DDT to smash Horus with a German suplex and a sitdown powerbomb. Lee set up another powerbomb, but Horus reversed for a Mexican Destroyer.

Down the stretch run, Lee blocked Horus’ bodyscissor driver off the turnbuckles to counter with a flying double stomp. Horus kicked out at 2. Lee blasted his opponent with a running knee strike. Lee lowered his knee pad for a second running knee strike. 1, 2, 3. The champ retained his title. Lee posed on top of Horus’ body after the win.

Bonus video: Backstage, Dragon Lee celebrated his victory. He wanted to know who was next. Brody King stepped up. King instructed Lee to tell his family that this is just the beginning. (Lee and Bestia del Ring interfered to help Rush keep the world title against King at Final Battle.)

Two very good matches made for an entertaining show. The story of Rhett Titus demanding honor from Flip Gordon was a nice touch. Too bad for Titus that Gordon took his best and still came out on top. I was a little taken aback at ROH suspending Gordon, then it made sense as it only applied to the Pure division. I think the decision was too harsh and overreaching, but it does set up a standard of what the Pure division should represent.

The TV title match was rocking. I recommend checking out that bout. Rey Horus took it to Dragon Lee trying to make the most of the opportunity. His opening attack was fire, albeit on the cheap shot side. Lee’s perseverance shows that someone special will have to be the one to eventually knock him off.

Share your thoughts about episode 487 of ROH Wrestling. Which wrestler had the standout performance?

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