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ROH Wrestling recap: Pure Championship highlights best of 2020

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Episode 486 of ROH Wrestling featured the best of 2020. A wild battle royale, Rush winning the ROH World Championship with a little help from Nick Aldis, and the Pure Championship tournament final between Jonathan Gresham and Tracy Williams were the highlights of the year.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

The first two bouts appear to have been edited for time, while the main event was aired in full.

Battle Royale with masked man hijinks

The winner of the contest would earn a future shot at the ROH World Championship. This bout took place on February 9, 2020. Notable entrants included Danhausen, Blue Meanie, Maria Manic, and Gangrel.

The bloodsucker spit red liquid into Kenny King’s eyes, which forced Caprice Coleman to comically shout, “Kenny has sensitive eyes!” Gangrel shined early by cleaning house and hitting the Impaler before he was eliminated by Dak Draper.

“The Maneater” Maria Manic went at it “The Last Real Man” Silas Young to exchange chops and maneuvers.

Bully Ray ran out to assist with the elimination of Manic, then he powerbombed her through a table.

Delirious and Danhausen had a showdown. Delirious drank teeth before a pump kick from Danhausen put him over the ropes.

The ‘final four’ came down to Tracy Williams, Josh Woods, Silas Young, and Dragon Lee. Kenny King was strategically missing. Woods and Young teamed together to eliminate Williams. Lee ducked a charging Young to lift him onto the apron. Lee then evaded a big boot from Woods, which accidentally collided with Young to knock him down to the floor. Lee promptly dumped Woods over the top rope. King slickly ran in to toss out Lee, but the masked man skinned the cat. Lee hit a superkick then removed his mask to reveal himself as Flip Gordon. King attacked, but Gordon pulled the top rope down for King to fall out. Gordon earned a future world championship opportunity.

ROH World Championship: PCO vs Rush vs Mark Haskins

This triple threat title bout went down February 29, 2020. PCO was champ heading into the confrontation. Rush and PCO were eager to continue their feud, but Haskins was not content to be a third-wheel. He exploded for suicide dives and flying attacks in the ring. The match progressed with a good three-man flow. It felt like a true triple threat rather than one-on-one with the third man on the outside.

For the closing sequence, PCO nailed a moonsault onto Haskins. Rush pulled the referee out of the ring on the three count. He humorously blamed it on a bewildered young lady in the crowd. As the referee was distracted with Rush, Nick Aldis ran in to blast PCO with the Ten Pounds of Gold. Aldis made his presence felt as part of a story against Marty Scurll and Villain Enterprises. That was before the coronavirus pandemic and other scandals prevented the big blow-off. Rush pounced for Bull’s Horns to win the ROH World Championship.

Pure Championship tournament final: Jonathan Gresham vs Tracy Williams

Get the full details from the recap (here) when the match originally occurred. The finish saw Gresham explode with running forearm blows. Williams came back with a piledriver. Gresham placed his foot on the rope for a break. Gresham caught a strike to transition to an octopus stretch. Williams submitted due to the intense shoulder pain. Gresham was crowned Pure Champion.

Next week’s ROH Wrestling episode will be headlined by Dragon Lee defending the TV title against Rey Horus in a brand new match.

Bonus video: The Greatest ROH Moments of 2020

The list includes:

  • Flip Gordon disguised as Dragon Lee to win the battle royale
  • Rush winning the ROH World Championship for the second time
  • Matt Taven returns to destroy Vincent
  • EC3’s quest for honor
  • Mike Bennett returns to ROH
  • Jonathan Gresham defeats Tracy Williams to win the Pure Championship

Last year was difficult for ROH due to the pandemic, but ROH shined bright when they eventually returned after a lengthy break. The focus to Pure wrestling was an excellent decision as the Pure tournament provided a stretch of consistently riveting television. It is only fitting that the final between Jonathan Gresham and Tracy Williams was featured as the main event for the best of 2020. They tore the house down to make ROH proud.

The battle royale and Rush’s title win were good additions to the program to remind viewers of pre-pandemic stories. I imagine that Flip Gordon will be receiving his world title shot soon.

We’ll close with a couple of promos. When ROH re-signed seven wrestlers last week, the question was brought up if Brian Johnson went from disgruntled to gruntled. The answer is no. He is still very much disgruntled.

Saving the best for last, Dem Boys had a chat about their tag team future. Mark Briscoe was eager to return with his brother in the ring. Jay Briscoe wasn’t interested in reforming the tag team. Jay was hurt that Mark picked PCO when Jay was focusing to fight EC3. A funny discussion followed about whether Jay missed the boat or jumped out of the boat.

Share your thoughts about episode 486 of ROH Wrestling. What were you favorite ROH moments in 2020?

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