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Rumor Look Back: July 3 - 9, 2020

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see which played out as originally stated. But first, let’s knock off some old rumors.

August 16, 2019

  • WWE hopes Rey Mysterio’s son will wrestle for them soon, possibly as early as 2020, per the WON.
  • This is accurate. He had his first match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. It looks like WWE had their eye on him for awhile. (1/1)

August 22, 2019

  • NXT’s Keith Lee has a big part in the upcoming WWE/Netflix kids movie The Main Event, reports PW Insider. A source told the site they “wouldn’t be surprised to see Lee get a big push timed with the release of the film.”
  • He was in the movie. He got a big push around the summer (a few months after) and was already getting a push prior, but nothing that specifically coincided with the release. (1/2)

August 24, 2019

  • Per WrestleVotes, it’s at least possible WWE adds a sixth TakeOver event to the schedule in 2020. It could depend on the numbers on USA Network.
  • There were only five. This does not include special episodes of NXT. (0/1)

Now onto this week’s rumors:

July 3, 2020

  • On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that people in WWE were upset with Taz’s “sloppy shop” line on AEW Dynamite, in reference to WWE’s poor management of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • It felt like a potshot, one that someone who was actually on WWE’s level wouldn’t make. At the same time, it’s not like WWE didn’t deserve it because they were running a sloppy shop.
  • According to Fightful, “social distancing, masks, and other measures will be mandatory” in WWE going forward, in response to their recent outbreak of the virus.
  • That all should have been in place for months by that point.
  • Fightful also says that Shayna Baszler hasn’t appeared on Raw since mid-May because WWE hasn’t booked her. She’s healthy, but creative has nothing for her.
  • The dreaded “Creative has nothing for you.”
  • PW Insider noted that Cody’s application for the “Cody Rhodes” trademark was declined because WWE renewed the trademark on May 15, after a brief delay due to the coronavirus.
  • He got it back this year because WWE apparently withdrew their application. (0/1)
  • Mickie James told Chris Van Vliet that she was medically cleared to return to WWE right before the empty arena shows began, but “there’s no need to take that risk of going there if I’m not doing anything.”
  • She returned in the ThunderDome era and had a title match against Asuka, which was abruptly stopped. She was out with a broken nose. Mickie was backstage at Legends Night but is still an active wrestler. Word has it she’s cleared to return to the ring.

July 4, 2020

  • According to Wrestling Inc, stunt coordinator Ellis Edwards is being brought in for the Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. That match will apparently be taped next week.
  • I don’t recall any crazy stunts, but he still may have gone down.
  • Speaking of, that feud is scheduled to go through SummerSlam.
  • The Fiend won the title from Strowman at SummerSlam. That was the night Roman returned and attacked both men. It set up a triple threat title match for the very next week that Roman won. (1/1)
  • Extreme Rules is expected to be loaded with matches, even if they don’t get a lot of time.
  • They had one kickoff match and six main card matches. Seems pretty standard and not over done. (0/1)
  • The policy for New Japan is to constantly test the wrestlers, per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and they do temperature checks twice daily while keeping track of everyone they’ve come in contact with.
  • I would expect them to be very thorough.
  • The Observer notes that Ian Riccobani has refuted their item that no one is getting a new deal in ROH during the pandemic and, in fact, some have gotten raises.
  • Good for the talent if true.

July 6, 2020

  • According to the Observer, Rey Mysterio is working for WWE without a contract.
  • As long as they’re taking care of his son, I think he’d be willing to do that.
  • Dave Meltzer also says that there were plans in place for Seth Rollins vs. Mysterio in an “Eye for an Eye” match at Extreme Rules.
  • That was announced this night. (1/1)
  • Bryan Alvarez mentioned on the Bryan and Vinny Show that WWE officials were furious about word getting out on the finish to the Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole title match.
  • I mean... obviously. The wrestler who spoiled it hasn’t been seen on TV since.
  • PW Insider notes that Bully Ray has finished up with Ring of Honor and that it was agreed upon by both sides that he would leave at the end of his deal.
  • I guess with no fans for him to give a stern talking to, they don’t have need for him.
  • It’s expected that Heath Slater will be going to Impact Wrestling once he’s able.
  • That was his destination. (1/1)

July 7, 2020

  • On his Keepin It 100 podcast, Konnan said that while he was negotiating with AEW last year they told him CM Punk asked for “an astronomical amount of money.”
  • Honestly, I think Punk would be worth that money even now. He’s one of the few guys who would really move the needle by just coming in.
  • Wrestling Observer says the number of positive COVID-19 cases at the WWE Performance Center “might be closer to 40 as of a week ago.”
  • Not good.
  • Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract expired “months ago” according to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer. Rey asked for a raise, but Vince McMahon turned him down, pointing to the COVID releases.
  • Would be something if WWE wouldn’t give raises during the pandemic but ROH would.
  • Mysterio could go anywhere, and whoever signed him would likely take Dominik, too. It’s still expected Rey will re-sign with WWE though.
  • He re-signed later in the year. (1/1)
  • Shayna Baszler worked a recent Main Event taping, per PW Insider.
  • Looks like she worked Ruby Riott and NXT’s Jessi Kamea, winning both matches. (1/1)

July 8, 2020

  • Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT says that while recent word on Kairi Sane leaving WWE is accurate, it’s not a lock she actually leaves. He says WWE is likely to make her another good offer.
  • She left as in she’s in Japan, but I believe she’s still under contract with WWE. She had a tweet in October that addressed matters, but really didn’t answer any questions.
  • Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the gimmick behind the U.S. title belt introduced on Raw is that it’s the fake belt made by MVP but they are going to use it going forward following Extreme Rules and MVP’s match against Apollo Crews.
  • That’s pretty much what they did, except that match didn’t happen at Extreme Rules as Crews missed a little time. (1/2)
  • Meltzer also mentioned Cody Rhodes will defend the TNT championship at Fyter Fest night 2 in an open challenge. For what it’s worth, Cody told a fan the open challenges will start up again on July 15.
  • Cody did not defend in an open challenge on Night 2 of Fyter Fest. He defended against Sonny Kiss the week after. It was announced but it was still the open challenge gimmick. (1/2)
  • SportsKeeda is saying that despite his return on Raw this week, Heath Slater’s future doesn’t include WWE, and he’s already booked a date at Talk N’ Shop A-Mania.
  • That is true. That was a one off to work the angle and say goodbye. (1/1)
  • PW Insider says A&E has started production for a documentary on Stone Cold Steve Austin. It will apparently go to air in December.
  • It didn’t air this December. I looks like it is happening though. (1/2)

July 9, 2020

  • Both WrestleTalk’s Louis Dangoor and TalkSport’s Alex McCarthy report that although Randy Orton wanted to work with either Adam Cole or Tommaso Ciampa at SummerSlam, the lack of top heels means he’ll be Drew McIntyre’s challenger.
  • He was Drew’s challenger. I can see Randy wanting to work some NXT guys. Those listed are seasoned guys and would be fresh programs for Orton. It’s likely why Ciampa and Orton had their Twitter feud, to maybe get the ball rolling on something. (1/1)
  • According to Twitter’s Belt Fan Dan, a new, larger version of the current NXT title is on the way. WWE’s had new SmackDown Tag title belts since WrestleMania 35, but obviously haven’t used them.
  • We have not gotten a new NXT title. Haven’t seen these supposed new SmackDown titles either. (0/1)
  • Fightful is the latest site to report the boss is responsible for Otis’ push. The site’s sources say the Money in the Bank winner is a “total Vince McMahon project.” Both members of Heavy Machinery have made “positive impressions” backstage.
  • So positive that Tucker turned heel and was immediately forgotten. I mean record time.
  • At last week’s tapings, WWE decided not to have an announcer in the ring for pre-match introductions. That’s the new normal, says Wrestling Inc. The site also says that going forward ring announcers may join wrestlers inside the ropes for some title matches.
  • This rumor pretty much says “sometimes announcers will be in the ring and sometimes they won’t.” From what I’ve seen, they’re outside. But I did not go back and rewatch the intros to a bunch of matches.
  • Alberto El Patron has hired his defense team and is waiting for the sexual assault charges against him to go before the grand jury, per PW Insider.
  • A name I never want to hear about.

This week: 10/16 - 63%

Overall: 3,609/6,421 - 56.2%

Have a great week, everyone. Stay safe out there.

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