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Videos of Brodie Lee Jr. running wild on the AEW roster to start your 2021 right (Updated)

It seems Brodie Lee Jr. was adopted by the AEW family even before his father died tragically last weekend. Since his dad’s death, Brodie Jr.’s been adopted by the entire wrestling community.

Seeing the eight-year TNT champion for life’s love of pro wrestling has reminded us all of our own, and given us an outlet for our grief other than simply grieving. Seeing how loved he is by not only the All Elite roster, but his father’s friends & former colleagues at WWE, has reminded us of the love that goes into making the shows we’re fortunate enough to get to watch.

AEW on TNT’s Twitter

AEW’s released a clip of what happened after the Dec. 30 Dynamite went off the air, and it’s beautiful to see what the show meant not only to Brodie Jr. and his mom Amanda, but to two of the men who made the show possible - Tony Khan & Cody Rhodes.

But it’s a couple clips shared on social media by others on the AEW roster that really made me smile today. That’s because they’re focused on the recently signed Brodie Jr. just being a kid in one of the coolest playgrounds a kid could have.

John Silver gave us this glimpse of -1 lighting his Dark Order teammates up with a kendo stick:

And another member of the wrestling fraternity who understands what it’s like to lose your dad at a young age, Brian Pillman Jr., posted this clip to his Instagram Story. Brodie Jr. taking out Top Flight with his father’s discus lariat is great; hearing Pillman and seeing Ricky Starks cheer him on is even better:

Sonny Kiss grooving in the background is just a bonus.

There’s definitely going to be sadness in wrestling’s future. That just makes it all the more important to keep some of the love that’s evident in those last two videos with us as head into a new year.

UPDATE: It’s not just the AEW roster!

The locale probably should have gave it away from the jump, but Adam Cole’s presence would seem to confirm these are from a (presumably COVID screened) New Year’s Eve party. Starting 2021 right indeed.

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