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John Silver should dedicate his 2021 to winning the TNT Championship in the name of Mr. Brodie Lee

This almost feels too soon to talk about, but The Dark Order’s going to need direction sooner or later.

All Elite Wrestling

With the incredibly too-soon passing of Brodie Lee, his AEW faction The Dark Order is seemingly left adrift. “Hangman” Adam Page doesn’t seem intent to actually sign with the group, and the situation with Evil Uno acting like a babyface doesn’t seem to have a trajectory.

I could easily see other wrestlers — such as Matt Hardy — try and take over The Dark Order, but they should all fail. The Dark Order, without The Exalted One Mr. Brodie Lee at the helm, will be in need of someone’s direction. And since fantasy booking is apparently one of the methods through which my mind processes grief, I’ve found the way forward.

The Dark Order’s 2021 motivation should come from within, and come in the form of one of Mr. Brodie Lee’s favorite targets. Looking at the Dark Order ranks for whom is the most primed for a push today, you’ll see The Meat Man himself, John Silver.

Being The Elite / YouTube

A quest for redemption

As we’ve all been reminded by BTE’s tribute to Brodie Lee episode, Mr. Brodie Lee spent a lot of time yelling at Silver. Often, it appears, that was because Silver was cracking up. But the ongoing story of Lee picking on Silver can be easily segued into making John Silver the star he is destined to be.

Simply put, a wrong needs to be righted: the TNT belt belongs with The Dark Order. Yes, even though the TNT Championship design that Mr. Brodie Lee held is being retired, Silver or anyone in the faction has an easy path to claim that’s still Mr. Brodie Lee’s belt.

And as a family and industry are still grieving, I write this all without urgency. I’m not saying “this should start now.”

I’m saying 2021 is the year where John Silver breaks out. While his story should be rooted in a want to be taken seriously, that he’s more than Johnny Hungee, there’s a serious heartwarming feel in the cards.

Maybe The Dark Order feels like it should disband. They may think they’re nothing without Mr. Brodie Lee. Silver, though, will know better — or learn better, eventually — and dedicate himself to regaining what was rightfully the property of Mr. Brodie Lee. Because The Dark Order can’t be whole again until he rights that wrong.

Who does Silver take it from?

I don’t know if that means we’ll be treating Darby Allin like a heel (I’m ready to boo the dude, IDK about the rest of you), but there are so many people who can be the mountain Sliver has to climb.

Primarily, I see the TNT title falling into the hands of Team Taz’s Ricky Starks or Powerhouse Hobbs (Brian Cage has been a corny non-starter for me, for as long as I can remember).

I’d rather it be Cody Rhodes, to be honest, since the neck tattooed one was the person to take Mr. Brodie Lee’s title from him. Cody talking down to Silver, though, would give us the true heel turn that AEW has seemingly teased.

Maybe it’s all of the above, and includes more names we haven’t thought of. Silver could have a Quixotic quest to get the title back.

However they do it, if they do it right, it could be the best story in wrestling in 2021.

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