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AEW Rewind: Hangman wants to apologize to Young Bucks, Statlander injury update, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Being the Elite was actually newsworthy this week. No, I’m not talking about Sinbad joining the Dark Order. I’m referring to Hangman Page having the desire to apologize to the Young Bucks for his pathetic actions of screwing them out of a potential tag team title shot. He approached Brandon Cutler to pass the message to the Jacksons and smooth the road for a chat. The Bucks weren’t even interested in hearing what Cutler had to say, so the message went unsaid.

“All Out Fall Out” - Being The Elite Ep. 220 (here) featured:

  • Matt Jackson spied Jake Roberts on the airplane. He wondered what was in Jake’s bag. The Bucks then went to Walmart to find AEW action figures. No luck seeing their own toys. They are now 0-3 with this BTE segment.
  • Jurassic Express confronted the Bucks backstage after their 8-man win on Dynamite. The teams bickered about the hot tag. Luchasaurus threatened to hit them with a Canadian Destroyer on the PPV. Jurassic Express left in a huff.
  • Christoper Daniels did 50 upright rows for 50+. Hangman was milling around in the background. He spoke with Brandon Cutler “off camera” to pass a message of apology to the Young Bucks. Hangman admitted that he is a piece of shit and messed up.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver need more Dark Order recruits to impress Mr. Brodie Lee. They approached Wardlow to compliment his beef and handsome looks. Reynolds and Silver laid it on thick with weird sexual innuendo. The pitch was interrupted by a phone call from MJF.
  • The Bucks and Cutler ate at Cracker Barrel instead of Chili’s. Matt claimed they were sponsored and got free merch, but he may have stolen the stuff.
  • Cutler tried to share Hangman’s message, but the Bucks didn’t want to hear it.
  • Speaking Spanglish featured the MiPhone with Vickie Guerrero and Diamante. It was a rib on the iPhone and Siri.
  • The Bucks went on the red carpet with peanut gallery comments.
  • Big Swole had a Public Swole Announcement. Ladies, close your legs at the bar. Ricky Starks popped up at the mention of the word pretty.
  • After the All Out PPV, Mr. Brodie angrily looked for Colt Cabana. Reynolds and Silver rolled in with a surprise. They have a new recruit. A Cameo message played from Sinbad expressing his desire to join the Dark Order. Mr. Brodie was very pleased with this turn of events. He got the boys a gift. Jungle Boy! It was actually Griff Garrison. Anna Jay pounced on Garrison’s back to choke him out. The Dark Order celebrated by putting the boots to Garrison’s unconscious body.
  • Cutler tried one more time to talk with the Bucks about Hangman. The Jacksons didn’t want to talk about it, especially on camera. Hangman’s message was never delivered. The Bucks decided that they need to start worrying more about themselves. That led to a sad music montage of the Elite in shambles. It closed with a symbolic shattered picture frame of Hangman, Omega, the Bucks, and Cody Rhodes.

The Dark Order continues to steal the show with their crazy antics. I hope Anna Jay chokes people out weekly. That is a great way to get her over considering her inexperience.

It will be interesting to see if that Hangman drama will be acknowledged tonight on Dynamite. It is kind of a big deal to show Hangman’s remorse about the situation, since it is a minor step toward retribution as a fan favorite. Now that the BTE episode has aired, the Bucks should be fully aware of Hangman’s intentions. The big question is if they will be jerks or consider it water under the bridge and part ways amicably.

Jon Moxley cut a post-match interview after beating MJF at All Out. His message was that cheaters never win. Moxley then pumped up the crowd.

Kris Statlander provided an injury update.

Statlander tore her ACL back in June. She could be out for another 6 months.

The tag duo of Luther and Serpentico have a team name, Chaos Projekt.

I’m glad to see them as an official tag team on the AEW roster. Don’t expect gold ever, but they have a cool style to entertain. I enjoy how Luther uses Serpentico’s body as a tool to do damage by throwing him onto opponents.

We’ll close with a cool memento from Brian Cage. If he ever loses the FTW title, then he can bring in the GMSI Championship as backup.

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This championship is not only the coolest damn thing I've seen, but will now carry more sentimental value than any other title I've won. I was ecstatic everytime i won any title for any promotion, and I wanted a replica of the most meaningful or credible titles I've won in my career. But instead, I came up with the idea of having one title(a GMSi world title to be exact)represent me, and the side plates represent the titles that I cared about the most. @jbtoys1 outdid himself here. There's a lot of titles I could of chosen, but I only had 4 spots. Without a doubt the gift of the gods from @luchaunderground gets a spot. One of the most unique title concepts, both in look and use, and my favorite and most fun promotion that brought up so many new stars. Then we have the X-division and @impactwrestling world titles. The first and only major world title I've ever won(should of been LU champ too!) and the X-division has so much history behind it and changed the landscape of wresting years ago. Was extremely proud to won both of these. Then, maybe a surprise to some, but what I called Lucha Umderground of the indys, the @wrestlecircus #ringmaater title. The only fans to rival the the madness of the temple and pwg, and the very first company period, to ever put themselves on the back of the machine and let me carry them into the end zone. I'd like to think that wrestle circus was not the house, but "the tent that Brian Cage built". And wish it didn't end the way it did or at all for thst matter. All of these places share special memories, moments and obviously matches. And the actual titles obviously have more meaning as a sense of accomplishment, but this will have tons of sentimental value from all my years of chasing and living my dream shaped into the form of a chsnlionship. Thanks so much for creating this for me JB, and eveeyone can see that the GMSI world title is getting all of its shit in, and asking who betta? Rhetorical question, because you already know. #nobody #gmsi #whobetta #briancage #aew #allelitewrestling #aewdynamite #swolverine #luchaunderground #impactwrestling #prowrestling #championship #replicabelts #jbtoys #jbtoys1

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Cage’s Get My Shit In belt features side plates from Wrestle Circus, Impact X-Division, Impact World Championship, and Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods. Who’s better than Cage? Nobody, besides Jon Moxley.

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