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Dark Order lands their biggest recruit yet

During the new edition of Being The Elite, AEW took its latest shot at WWE’s new restrictions on talent using platforms like Cameo and Twitch (in case you missed it, there were at least two from All Out - one when a company approval chyron was added to an ongoing Kip Sabian gimmick, and another from FTR at the end of their post-show interview).

This one is from Dark Order and Mr. Brodie Lee - who for a guy wanted nothing to do with a Vince McMahon parody gimmick sure works a lot of Vince parody into his Exalted One gimmick.

It happens during a scene that takes place backstage after All Out. Lee chastises Evil Uno for being on Twitch and not taking Dark Order’s “pay-per-view” loss seriously. Uno trying to say he was looking at Instagram doesn’t help... “No more Twitch! No more third-party affiliates! You are detrimental to my company!”

Love or hate the digs at McMahon and The ‘E, this one at least sets up something pretty darn fun. 3 & 4 (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) cheer Mr. Brodie up with news they finally recruited someone, and via Cameo no less! It’s none other than stand-up comedy legend and 20th century sitcom star Sinbad!

This should be all queued up to the scene, which starts at the 16:30 mark:

He may have never been in that genie movie you remember, but Sinbad is Dark Order. He did the hand gesture, said “we are one” and everything!

Who needs Jungle Boy, or Twitch, when you’ve got Sinbad?

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