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Chris Jericho declares himself done with Orange Cassidy ‘experiment’


If you found yourself wondering why Chris Jericho was in a program with a character like Orange Cassidy, of all people, you wouldn’t be the only one. It seemed a strange pairing, what with Jericho’s positioning on the card relative to Cassidy.

It turns out, that was kind of the whole point.

During his Saturday Night Special Q&A after All Out, where Cassidy beat Jericho in the first ever Mimosa Mayhem match, Jericho explained (via Wrestling Inc):

“It wasn’t a feud, it wasn’t an angle, it wasn’t a storyline, it was an experiment. Can we get Orange Cassidy to the next level and make him a main event draw in AEW? And we did that. I knew that he had it in him, we just added a few different shades to him, so he’s a more well-rounded character, not just the ‘lazy guy.’ Now he shows fire, shows some attitude, he can do a promo. He’s a great babyface, he really is.

“Like I said, 14 weeks, it was the ‘Summer of Orange’ and it was really, really fun. I really enjoyed it, glad I got to do it, it was an honor. Who would I like to feud with next? There’s a lot of people, actually, I know exactly who I’m kinda going to be feuding with next. Who my next story is with, once again, it’s all about the stories. You’ll find out on Wednesday. That was kind of the blow-off for Jericho and Orange, for now, I’m sure we could always go back to it at some point.”

Cassidy was definitely a bit player before all this, albeit one with obviously charisma who seemingly had potential. The question was always how could they realize said potential while making something more of the character without taking away from its origins.

Jericho think they pulled it off.

Do you?

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