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Rumor Look Back: Mar. 1 - 5, 2020

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see which played out as originally stated. Let’s get right to it.

March 2, 2020

  • The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that original plans called for Bray Wyatt to run through everyone and Roman Reigns to be kept away until a big match at WrestleMania. Obviously those plans changed. That idea could still happen later on in some form.
  • It’s probably going to happen, but now Roman is the heel because everything is topsy turvy.
  • They also say Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler is apparently in the plans for WrestleMania 36.
  • That was the case. That story really suffered from not being in front of the crowd, who would have popped when Otis and Mandy finally kissed. (1/1)
  • Erik of The Viking Raiders came back from Saudi Arabia sick, and that’s why he missed weekend house shows, says the Observer.
  • That long flight couldn’t help. At the time that was such a whatever rumor (though COVID was happening around the world already with folks in the Saudi crowd wearing masks), but now it would have a very different read to it.
  • The speculation surrounding the SmackDown debut currently being teased is that it will be Killer Kross.
  • It was not. He’s in NXT, though unfortunately out with a shoulder injury. (0/1)
  • During a post-show media scrum following Revolution, Dustin Rhodes mentioned moving to the AEW tag team division with QT Marshall and Brandi Rhodes as manager.
  • That’s what happened. Not really a rumor if he said what he was going to do.

March 3, 2020

  • The door isn’t closed on Matt Hardy remaining with WWE because there is still interest from NXT, tweeted Ryan Satin.
  • It did not happen though.
  • On Wrestling Observer Radio, it was said the reason The Revival were not used for the tag team Elimination Chamber match is because they haven’t re-signed and have rejected WWE’s latest contract offers.
  • That would make sense. Don’t want to showcase a talent so close to leaving.
  • Asuka’s wrist injury is legit, according to Wrestling Observer, but she’s not expected to miss Elimination Chamber.
  • She worked the Chamber match. (1/1)
  • This year’s Survivor Series PPV will be in Dallas on Nov. 22, says Wrestlevotes.
  • It was never announced - betcha it’s not though.
  • The Undertaker/Dr. Disrespect crossover was sponsored by G-Fuel Energy drink, per PW Insider. It’s an effort by WWE to reach the younger demographic that follows eSports and watch Twitch, where Disrespect is two-time Streamer of the Year.
  • I don’t know anything about eSports. Is Disrespect still big in that? Also, wasn’t he banned from Twitch?

March 4, 2020

  • According to PW Insider, WWE is already getting ready for its next trip to Saudi Arabia. there was apparently talk of doing a show in August but it’s looking more likely to be October or November.
  • I want to just say it’s not going to happen and mark it as wrong, but I can imagine Vince sneaking out of the country to honor his Saudi deal so I’m going to wait until it officially doesn’t happen.
  • Insider also says WWE held a meeting backstage at Monday Night Raw this week to go over information on the coronavirus so the wrestlers can protect themselves against it.
  • The first coronavirus rumor...
  • WrestleVotes notes the last WWE Hall of Fame lineup they saw including The British Bulldog and Jushin Thunder Liger.
  • Both were announced. (2/2)
  • A fun one Bryan Alvarez told on Wrestling Observer Radio: Vince McMahon apparently started allowing the Canadian Destroyer again because he saw it in NXT and wanted it on the main roster.
  • These type of anecdotes are wild.
  • Vanessa Borne and Mansoor were backstage at Raw this week, though it’s unclear exactly why, says PW Insider.
  • It surely wasn’t to work the show.

March 5, 2020

  • Creative for the Edge/Randy Orton program is largely coming from Paul Heyman with a lot of input from Edge & Orton, says When Edge comes back, the story will likely be that he’s wrestling against doctor’s orders.
  • I don’t think they ever did the “against doctor’s orders” bit. (0/1)
  • That report also say we shouldn’t take Orton’s RKO-ing Beth Phoenix as sign we’ll see men hitting moves on women on WWE TV with any regularity.
  • That’s the case. It rarely happens. (1/1)
  • According to Tokyo Sports, WWE has been in talks with All Japan Pro-Wrestling since last summer. AJPW owner Jun Akiyama will be guest coaching at the Orlando Performance Center in May, and Yahoo Japan says he’ll meet with Triple H again then. Speculation is this could lead to a Japanese Performance Center and the launch of NXT Japan.
  • If there was a plan for NXT Japan, it’s likely on hold right now.
  • AEW contracts give the company the right to drug test wrestlers, per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, but he’s not aware of any written drug or wellness policy.
  • I assume they’d put an official one into place.
  • PW Insider reported Teddy Hart was back in jail in in Richmond, Virginia on Wednesday. He violated his house arrest from his previous arrest.
  • I don’t know much about Teddy Hart. I just know when I see something about him, it’s unfortunately a story like this.

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Have a good week, everyone. Stay safe out there.

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