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Moxley beats MJF at his own game to keep the AEW World title at All Out

The main event of AEW All Out on Sept. 5 in Jacksonville’s Daily Place was the World title clash between Jon Moxley and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Champion Moxley is a “brawler”. MJF prides himself on his safer, methodical style. This was a contrast of styles, and the announce team of Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone drove that point out throughout the match. It was also the story of their feud, as the challenger sought to usher in a new era at All Elite. He’d ensured Mox could not use his Paradigm Shift finisher in the match as part of his campaign.

It was a targeted approach, and a willingness to cut corners, that turned things in Friedman’s favor. During an apron spot, MJF managed to drive the champ’s elbow into the apron. He followed that up by distracting the referee so his associate Wardlow could roughly throw Moxley into the ring.

The injured arm was a theme for the remainder of the match.

So was Max dealing with being busted open when Mox catapulted him into the ring post.

MJF kept his cool, and fought back into the match. He actually got the champ to lose his cool and almost use the banned move, which created an opening to use his Salt of the Earth submission. After snapping Mox’s arms over the ropes, a Heatseeker nearly led to the title change.

When that didn’t work, Friedman got frustrated. His attempts to cheat to win led to Wardlow tossing him his Dynamite Diamond ring, but MJF fumbled it. While referee Bryce Remsburg dealt with the outside man, Moxley saw an opening to use his finisher.

The title stays with Mox, because he cheats better than the cheater.

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