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Chris Jericho gets dumped into a giant vat of mimosa

AEW All Out 2020

Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy have been feuding for the last three months, and their rivalry could only end one way - with one man getting dumped into a giant vat of mimosa. That was each man’s goal during their Mimosa Mayhem match tonight (Sept. 5) at All Out, even though winning was also possible via pinfall or submission.

The match immediately began with Freshly Squeezed running right into Jericho’s codebreaker. A few minutes later, it looked like Le Champion would be able to powerbomb Cassidy into the mimosa, but he instead opted to launch Cassidy through a table.

Cassidy was still in bad shape when Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho in the center of the ring. Cassidy threw a pitcher of mimosa into Jericho’s eyes to break it up, and then followed it up with his Orange Punch. Cassidy threw Jericho towards the vat of mimosa, but only his leg dipped into the pool.

Cassidy made a big mistake by jumping right into a codebreaker from the top rope, but he kicked out before the three count. Jericho was frustrated with referee Aubrey Edwards, allowing Cassidy to recover. It didn’t take long before Jericho climbed up to the top rope and was Orange Punched right into the mimosa. Drink it in, man.

And with that, Chris Jericho just lost his feud against Orange Cassidy.

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