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The Elite isn’t fine after FTR win AEW Tag titles at All Out

FTR made their AEW PPV debut at Sept. 5’s All Out, and they did so in the biggest way possible. A Tag title shot in the midst of arguably the company’s biggest story in the company, the disintegration of The Elite.

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood entered with manager Tully Blanchard, who was wearing white pants and his lucky boots, loving every inch the Horseman & Brain Buster.

The challengers tried to continue to drive a wedge between Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, but the champions were on the same page at the start.

That teamwork continued during the back-and-forth opening third of this half-hour long match. But after the heels used a distraction to send Omega knee-first into the ring post, Hangman was on his own.

The anxious millennial cowboy survived on his own, and once Kenny had recovered, they seemed poised to once again defend their title as Page held Harwood for Omega’s V-Trigger. Dax dodged however, and Hangman went down.

He fought on, but didn’t have enough to survive multiple Mindbreaker spike piledrivers. Harwood & Wheeler capped their big night with a huge win.

But the story wasn’t done.

Omega looked like he might attack Page once the new champs left, but talked himself out of it. He couldn’t convince himself to catch his partner when he collapsed in the ring, however.

And The Young Bucks couldn’t talk him out of storming out of Jacksonville’s Daily Place.

Why did Kenny say “clean” a couple of times? Hmmmm...

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