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Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa steal the show at All Out

Hikaru Shida put the AEW women’s championship on the line tonight (Sept. 5) at All Out against NWA women’s champion, Thunder Rosa. Could Rosa take out AEW’s top woman and add even more gold to her mantle?

Rosa brought the intensity and aggression right from the opening bell. She turned Shida’s chair launch spot against her and was thoroughly dominating the AEW champ. Rosa countered Shida’s submission attempts and seemed to be toying with her, carrying her around the ring and ramming Shida’s head into the bottom turnbuckle.

Shida finally came to life with a jumping knee strike, but her back was still bothering her. Rosa countered a Falcon Arrow and rolled Shida up for a near fall. Rosa followed up with a leaping clothesline, and then a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. But Shida just would not stay down.

Hikaru recovered and superplexed Rosa, and then nailed a thrilling meteora on the entrance ramp.

Both women rolled back into the ring and slugged it out right in the center of the mat.

Shida nailed the Falcon Arrow, but could not hook the leg, and Rosa kicked out at one. Shida continued her momentum with a backbreaker for a two count. Finally, Shida perfectly executed her sliding knee finisher, and that was enough for the three count. Hikaru Shida is still the AEW women’s champion.

There are still several more matches to come at All Out, but thus far this has been the match of the night.

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