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Tony Khan is a big fan of Brock Lesnar

In case you haven’t heard, Brock Lesnar’s a free agent.

Everyone expects the 8 time WWE champ to re-sign with Vince McMahon when the circumstances and dollar figures are right, but that hasn’t stopped the guys in charge of MMA companies from fantasy booking the legendary heavyweight.

Some pro wrestling fans have also been wondering what the landscape of that business might look like if the Beast Incarnate found his way to Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling. Khan was asked that at his pre-All Out press call yesterday (Sept. 3), but he wouldn’t address it.

AEW’s President was willing to offer his high opinion of Brock’s career, though:

“I can’t comment on that [Lesnar ‘finding his way into AEW’] at this time... But I’ve enjoyed Brock’s work for many years. He’s a great fighter and a great wrestler. I don’t think people talk enough about what a great worker Brock Lesnar is, and is one of the great working big men I’ve ever seen, one of the great athletes in the history of the wrestling business, and I have so much respect for him. But yeah, I couldn’t comment on that...”

Interesting that Khan wouldn’t comment... this isn’t the NBA or NFL he can get hit with tampering charges. Is he hoping to generate speculation that will cost Vince money? Admitting Lesnar is out of AEW’s price range? Could he actually be in talks with Brock?

Yeses are more likely for the first two questions than the third. But it’s more fun to think about Lesnar vs. Omega. So I’m gonna do that.

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