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It’s not clear how many Young Bucks just superkicked Tony Schiavone

On tonight’s (Sept. 30) episode of Dynamite, Tony Schiavone was having a standard backstage interview with FTR about Dave Meltzer star ratings and why they dodged a match with the Best Friends last week. The interview quickly took a sharp turn when Matt Jackson appeared out of nowhere and superkicked the hell out of Tony Schiavone:

After the kick, Matt referred to his brother Nick Jackson as if he was with him, telling him to wait up. But Nick Jackson never appeared on camera. Upon closer inspection, there are definitely two legs in frame at the point of impact on the kick:

Considering that Nick was not part of last week’s angle when the Matt broke Tony’s phone, and this episode was also taped last week, I’m thinking some tricks are at play here with that mystery leg in the above picture that supposedly belongs to Nick Jackson.

After Matt Jackson departed, FTR wondered why the Young Bucks keep attacking the staff instead of them.

Where do you think this angle with the Young Bucks is going?

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