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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Sep. 2, 2020): The Future

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AEW Dynamite (Sep. 2, 2020) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. It featured soap opera moodiness from the Elite and Hangman Page, MJF standing tall over a bloodied Jon Moxley, and plenty of hype as the go-home toward the All Out PPV on September 5.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent live results and play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

MJF is the future

The main event segment was Jon Moxley getting his hands on MJF’s lawyer as payback for banning the Paradigm Shift at All Out. The stipulation was that no match with the lawyer means no title match for MJF. That forced MJF to be stern with his weaselly legal practitioner.

Earlier in the evening, Mark Sterling had cold feet. He wanted more time, but MJF gave the nod for Wardlow to kick the door open. Bad things happen to people who get in the way of MJF and his gold. MJF gave Sterling two options. Get in the ring or get in a (loud expletive) wood chipper.

Moxley’s message to MJF was that all distractions go away on Saturday night. The one question left to answer is if MJF is ready and willing to kill or be killed.

When it was time for the closing bout, Wardlow had to escort Mark Sterling to the ring. Sterling was wearing thick pads. After some footwork around the ring from Sterling, Moxley offered him a free shot. Swing, miss, and a slap back.

Mox played with his food and pummeled the lawyer. He eventually decided to finish with a Paradigm Shift.

The real thrills came in the aftermath. Wardlow attacked Moxley from behind with an F10. MJF came out gingerly with his walker then threw it to the side to reveal he is healthy. He unleashed pent up anger on Moxley. MJF bloodied the champ and smeared it on himself as a sign that he too can get violent. The challenger grabbed the title belt and stood tall over the champ with a foot on his throat as a sign of what could be in the near future.

Wardlow AEW

Moxley versus Sterling was what it was. A loud-mouth lawyer suffered humiliation and pain. The beatdown from MJF was nice heat for the PPV. It’s not so much that it established MJF as a threat. He just picked Moxley’s bones after Wardlow did the damage. It is more about getting me amped knowing the Moxley will be insane for vengeance. Moxley has a habit of fortune telling. All of his previous title defenses have ended exactly like he said they would. For MJF, Moxley has stated that he will find unqiue ways to inflict pain without the Paradigm Shift. That’s why MJF’s attack has me giddy about Moxley’s creativity. Mox will be a mission to torture young Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Soap opera drama

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of the Elite’s lives. The soap opera of feelings continued for the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page.

The Young Bucks became the Young Jerks with self-centered behavior and attitude problems when they teamed with Jurassic Express to wrestle SCU and Private Party. The hook was that the winning quartet would earn a spot on the All Out card in a match against each other.

The Bucks were not handling last week’s gauntlet robbery from Hangman Page very well. Matt Jackson was frustrated early at being clowned by Private Party, so he took out his anger on a fan by ripping his Hangman sign and pouring a beer on his head.

During the match, the Jerks dogged out Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus several times by only making Jackson tags. They eventually did tag Jurassic Express when in peril. For the finish, the Jerks were back to jerky behavior. Matt blind tagged Luchasaurus while he was setting up a chokeslam then ordered the dino to watch over the ring for other opponents. The Jacksons won with BTE Trigger. Afterward, they stiffed Jurassic Express on a handshake as teammates.

On one hand, I get it. The Bucks are frustrated and feel robbed of their championship opportunity. That would make me ornery as well. However, that’s not reason enough to be rude to the jovial Jurassic Express. And especially not enough to treat a (planted) fan like that. Matt Jackson should definitely be fined and possibly suspended.

I hope this angry demeanor from the Bucks will lead somewhere this time. Last time they were super jerks, it was challenging Hangman & Omega for the tag titles then quickly washed away on TV. If this ends up being cheap heat so it’s not face vs face against Jurassic Express at All Out, then that would be quite lame.

The match itself was very exciting. There were two mighty moments when I thought the match was over. The first was Risky Business in stereo from the Bucks and Jurassic Express.

The second was a moonsault from Christopher Daniels followed by a shooting star press from Marq Quen. They almost got me believing SCU and Private Party would pull off the upset. I quickly came to my senses once realizing there is no way the Bucks will be left off a PPV. Now, Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express is set for All Out with a little spice of attitude.

Also of note, Frankie Kazarian was getting uppity on the apron with Isiah Kassidy. Jim Ross did an excellent job putting over the importance of pride and a paycheck as motivation to win a spot on the PPV. Kaz was feisty and wanted Private Party to bring their best. This could lead to a mini feud, or not.

Later, Tony Schiavone conducted an in-ring interview with Kenny Omega. Omega provided a believable explanation for tolerating Hangman’s inexplicable screwjob last week. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Hangman will have to deal with that on his own. Live, learn, and move on.

FTR and Tully Blanchard decided to join the party with sweet talk for Omega. They even offered him a bottle of delicious chocolate milk. Omega appreciated the tasty treat, but he turned down spending time with those two dickhead hillbillies. Omega then encouraged them to attack.

Eventually, Hangman came out with rage in his eyes. FTR wasn’t taking the blame for his actions. They pointed the finger back at Hangman for being an insecure piece of shit.

Omega calmed Hangman down from the mind games. FTR picked up the tag titles. When Hangman asked for them back, they dropped the belts at his feet. Hangman picked them up and turned to hand one strap to Omega, but Omega was on the outside shaking his head.

In part two of this Elite soap opera, Hangman has been rightfully labeled a fink. I get that. What I don’t get is Omega turning his back on Hangman. It’s like he was hoping for FTR to beat on Hangman. Now, we have four big babyfaces with the Elite and all are acting unsavory. After thinking throughout the week, I think Hangman could salvage his character with one excuse. He cheated the Bucks because he values their friendship. He doesn’t want to go through all the fussing and fighting again.

I really hope All Out or next week’s Dynamite become a breaking point for these four. Their soap opera has been playing for a long period, and it is time for a story breakthrough.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Santana & Ortiz defeated Best Friends. Trent and Chuck Taylor attacked during the rudos’ entrance. The action was buck wild. Trent launched for a flying crossbody off the entrance stage.

Chuck built a pyramid of chairs, but Santana outsmarted him to go crashing off the stage onto his own construction.

Chuck was out for much of the match, but he eventually recovered for a hot tag moment. The closing sequence began with a Street Sweeper attempt. Best Friends sabotaged it by pulling Santana off the turnbuckles. Best Friends went for Strong Zero, but Santana prevented Trent from leaping. Trent did a one-man version to Ortiz. Santana was able to assist by placing Ortiz’s hand on the rope for a break on the pin. The finish came down to Santana getting dirty. He hit Trent in the back with a baton. Santana & Ortiz then executed Street Sweeper to win.

This was a fun brawl and the most entertaining bout of the evening. It had fire that has been effectively lit over past weeks on confrontations, destruction, and mama trash-talk. Solid win by Santana & Ortiz to extend the feud. This battle should receive the feature treatment next week as a big bout after the PPV. Best Friends still need a win to honor Trent’s mom and her minivan.

Chris Jericho defeated Joey Janela. Domination as a statement to Orange Cassidy. Le Champion won by catching a leaping Janela for a Codebreaker then locked in Walls of Jericho. Jericho had requested OC’s presence ringside, and OC obliged. Jericho continued the violence after the bell by bloodying Janela. That led to a big skirmish with Cassidy and Kiss getting involved. Hager saved Jericho from a Superman punch. OC had the last laugh by pouring out A Little Bit of the Bubbly.

Good job reestablishing the dominance of Le Champion before the Mimosa Mayhem Match at All Out. Weak job of Cassidy’s big trick being to pour out bubbly. He had been carrying a backpack like it would be a cool surprise, and bubbly is what he pulled out. Much like Cassidy, I give it a soft thumbs down. It’s not like that one bottle matters when there will be 500 cases mixed with 80 gallons of orange juice for a giant mimosa.

Casino Battle Royale warm-up. Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, Lance Archer, Eddie Kingston, Fenix, Pentagon, Blade, Butcher, Shawn Spears, Billy Gunn, Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, Trent, Chuck Taylor, and Darby Allin all brawled after promos hyping themselves to win at All Out. Ringside jabrones from Dark also partook as fodder. The action continued through a commercial break and ended without any one person standing tall.

That was a nice melee to hype up the battle royale. There were big man teases, little men going wild, and Darby giving rabies to Starks. The promos were a mixed bag. Taz was braggadocious, while Jake Roberts talked about busting nuts. Kingston was a letdown with simpleton insults. It was an interesting call not to have one man standing tall. I like that it leaves the direction open. There’s about ten men involved who I could see winning.

Thunder Rosa defeated Serena Deeb. Deeb was efficient early, but Rosa withstood the attack to overcome. She wore down Deeb over the course of the bout and won with Thunder Driver in her AEW debut.

This was a very solid match. Thunder Rosa displayed a variety of maneuvers to showcase her skills for Hikaru Shida at All Out. She is clearly head and shoulders above the rest of AEW’s available women’s roster, not including Shida. That’s what should make their fight so good. Two of the best in the world doing battle to see who is queen.

One criticism is that Deeb got in too much offense. Commentary put Deeb’s recent record outside AEW over strong, but she’s still a relative unknown to the mass audience. I haven’t watched her wrestle since being aligned with CM Punk in The Straight Edge Society during 2010. Deeb gave Rosa a run for her money, and I’m not sure that is the best look for trying to convince Thunder Rosa as a true threat for those previously unaware of her work.

I fully support Deeb sticking around with AEW. She was a good choice to help put over Rosa. Deeb wrestled well and left me wanting more.

Tooth & Nail. Big Swole named her stipulation to fight Dr. Britt Baker DMD. It will be Tooth & Nail on the All Out pre-show. Rules have yet to be revealed. Baker used a pizza delivery distraction to attack Swole. The dentist rudely rubbed Swole’s face in the pizza. Baker locked in a lockjaw for extra insult.

That was a rousing tussle. Baker looked fluid in movement from her knee injury. That’s a positive sign for the match quality. As much as Baker is portrayed as the heel, I can’t help but chuckle at her antics. She is so funny each week. That said, seeing Swole serve her up will be enjoyable.

Stud of the Show: Santana & Ortiz vs Best Friends

I loved their passion in action. The vibe felt right for the feud. Give me more, please.

Dud of the Show: Jim Ross enabling the Young Jerks

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. In my opinion, Jim Ross is clearly a shill for the Young Bucks. It chaps my hide a little, because nobody ever calls the Young Bucks out for being jerks. Ross justified their rudeness as it being all about the money a PPV can put in your pocket. And yes, I acknowledge this is a weak pick this week.

Runner-up would be the sky camera angle catching Luchasaurus waiting to time an important pin break-up.

Grade: B

Overall, this was an average show for AEW standards, which means entertaining wrestling and continued story turns. As a go-home episode, it was adequate. The video packages were well done. Commentary and promos continually emphasized the prestige and money from winning on a PPV.

The build-up segments were a mixed bag to get me pumped. The Casino Battle Royale brawl and Dr. Britt Baker DMD pizza-facing Big Swole were good fun. Jericho & Cassidy, the tag title feud, and Moxley & MJF were just okay in terms of making me eager with excitement. Closing with a comedy match didn’t really ignite my loins. Good thing I was already looking forward to All Out prior to this episode of Dynamite.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show? Was it an effective go-home for All Out?