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A weird video teases a TakeOver surprise

Please don’t be RETRIBUTION. Please don’t be...

In middle of tonight’s NXT, a very odd video was played.

The video was mainly in night vision (and maybe via drone) showing someone walking into a room with some championships encased in glass. There was a narration that was computer altered so we don’t know if it was a man or a woman. The speaker mentioned that these titles have been in isolation for too long and broke the glass. (It was tough to make out everything they said with the alteration to the voice.)

At the end, 10.4.20 came up on the screen. That’s the date for the upcoming TakeOver.

Commenter NyteShade517 was kind enough to transcribe that all for us:

I’m not sure what happened.
I helped create something out of my own blood.
Years and years of dedicationOnly to be taken over by paper champions.
These NXT Championships have been in isolation for far too long.
Now I’ve come back to take what is mine.

A tweet from WWE made it seem like it was a group.

They could be using “they” so not to reveal if it’s a man or woman, but using “are” instead of “is” implies a group or at least a tag team. (Though after reading the transcription, they speak in the first person mainly.)

(Please don’t be RETRIBUTION.)

This could always be a new group they’re debuting. But I got the vibe of someone who’s been there before. Could some main roster talents be taking a trip to NXT for awhile in order to help add some variety to the main event?

(Please don’t be RETRIBUTION.)

And what are these titles? Old retired NXT titles, maybe from the era the person wrestled there?

There are a ton of questions and little to go on. But that’s the fun in this, right? Especially since more often than not, the surprise isn’t worth the build. We’ll find that out in a week and a half.

Speculate away!

(Please don’t be RETRIBUTION.)

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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