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AEW Rewind: Young Bucks & FTR jawing back and forth, Sue takes over BTE, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

FTR doesn’t have a dance partner yet for the Full Gear PPV on November 7, but directions point toward the Young Bucks. That is if the Bucks can keep themselves from suspension after superkicking innocent victims. The Bucks’ made time for a little trashtalk to FTR in reference to leaked costume designs for FTR’s ridiculous new look supported by Vince McMahon.

Brian Cage is ready for tonight’s 6-man against Jon Moxley’s crew. It is a big match, but Cage will be saving his new Weapon X machine gear for a bigger date.

Meanwhile, Team Taz partner Ricky Starks has a conundrum on his hands.

Brandi Rhodes put in the work to perform in possibly the best match of her career against Anna Jay last night on late night Dynamite.

Time for deep thoughts with Hangman Page.

I can’t tell if Hangman’s next thought is related or unrelated to the previous tweet.

An update on Jack Evans’ health.

Being the Elite

“Sue” - Being The Elite, Ep. 222 (here) featured:

  • The Young Bucks didn’t want to talk and flipped off the camera.
  • John Silver impersonated Robert De Niro (I think). Alex Reynolds couldn’t figure it out. They tried to recruit Dr. Britt Baker DMD. The boys blew it by not knowing she was a dentist. They thought she was a baker.
  • Brandon Cutler stole money from the Bucks’ fine they paid to Tony Khan. His lookout spied Khan coming, so Cutler ran away.
  • Stu Grayson was angry at Silver for framing him. Anna Jay dragged Grayson away by the ear to set him straight.
  • Colt Cabana was still looking for Doc Sampson to fix his face. Colt convinced the athletic trainer to help him.
  • Luchasaurus was boring Tay Conti at the bar with his highfalutin knowledge. Jungle Boy laid seductively on the counter. Cutler scared the dinosaur away when wearing a dragon mask.
  • Silver sat on Reynolds’ shoulders to impersonate Mr. Brodie Lee and yell at the Dark Order. Enter Mr. Brodie. Sue followed in as well. She gifted lunch to the boys. Mr. Brodie escorted her to the door, then went back to berating his minions. Sue came back, so Mr. Brodie blamed Silver on throwing the food. She threw papers at Silver.
  • Parking lot fight highlights played.
  • The trainer fixed Colt’s face. Cabana took off the bandages to reveal he looked exactly like Michael Nakazawa.
  • Someone poked needles into voodoo dolls of Santana and Ortiz. It was revealed to be Sue.
  • Matt Jackson looked at an old tweet about wrestling FTR.

The Dark Order stole the show once again. Seeing Silver sit on Reynolds’ shoulders as a pretend Mr. Brodie was comedy gold for a sight gag.

We’ll close with a silly video clip of the Kingston family to the sounds of the Friends theme song.

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