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AEW Late Night Dynamite recap & reactions (Sept. 22, 2020): Slobberknocker

A special episode of late night Dynamite graced our screens on Tuesday (Sep. 22, 2020). It featured Scorpio Sky versus Ben Carter in a barn burner, Brandi Rhodes versus Anna Jay in a slobberknocker, and Shawn Spears’ using his black glove to cheat against Matt Sydal.

Let’s run it down from opener to main event.

Chris Jericho joined the commentary team of Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone. Le Champion provided much hilarity, or jackassery depending on your view.

Ben Carter vs Scorpio Sky

AEW gave us a double dose of Carter. If you haven’t watched the latest Dark yet, go check out his star-making performance against Lee Johnson. You won’t regret it.

The bout began with a flashy stalemate feeling out process. Sky offered a hand slap of respect. Sky changed to rugged tactics to slow Carter’s speed. Sky used a Russian leg sweep, backbreaker, bow and arrow stretch, then abdominal stretch. Carter came alive with a flip into a reverse DDT and a running shooting star press.

The quick pace was maintained throughout as action spilled to the floor. Carter executed an amazing tope con hilo with a flip added.

Carter continued his aerial assault with a frog splash. Sky kicked out on the cover. Carter went high-risk again, but Sky moved away from a phoenix splash. Sky attacked with a neckbreaker. For the closing sequence, Carter unloaded rapid-fire elbows. Sky reversed into a fisherman buster. Sky kept control with a double stomp, big boot, then a TKO to win. The two competitors shook hands afterward.

Anna Jay vs Brandi Rhodes

The Dark Order accompanied Jay for her entrance then left prior to the opening bell. Brandi rumbled solo without the Nightmare Family by her side.

This contest was an honest-to-goodness slobberknocker. The two ladies exchanged furious elbow strikes, then Brandi took over with a spear and a facebuster on the apron.

Back in the ring, Jay cinched in a standing sleeper, but Brandi dropped low for a roll-up to an off-balance Jay. Jay came back with a jumping stomp to a rope-hung Brandi, a snap suplex, and a flipping neckbreaker. For Brandi’s turn to run wild, she hit clotheslines and a sling blade.

At that moment, Stu Grayson came out to the ring. It seemed like he wanted to lay hands on Brandi. Evil Uno ran after him as a calming influence. During this hullabaloo, Brandi nailed Jay with a pump kick.

The referee was distracted and started his count late. Jay kicked out at two. Brandi confronted the referee as Grayson and Uno exited. That allowed Jay a window to pounce with a perfectly placed heel kick. Jay locked in a standing sleeper then transitioned down to the mat for a rear naked choke. The referee called for the bell when Brandi went to sleep. Jay was deemed the victor and earned her stripes as the queen slayer.

Sky was interviewed backstage by Alex Marvez. He put over Carter then declared his desire to capture the TNT Championship. Matt Sydal sidled in to pump up Sky. The two palled around verbally.

Matt Sydal vs Shawn Spears

This grudge match was set up due to Sydal eliminating Spears in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out. Tully Blanchard was ringside to coach Spears. Spears was bigger and more powerful. His strategy was to slow the pace down. Sydal was quicker and more technical. His strategy was to stick and move.

Sydal wowed with crazy moves, such as a standing leg drop from an inverted DDT position and a standing corkscrew moonsault senton. The two men threw shots face to face in the center of the ring. Sydal got the advantage with a jumping knee, but Spears came right back with a Ushigoroshi neckbreaker. Both were down and woozy.

Spears attempted a C4, however, Sydal grabbed the top rope to escape. Sydal connected on a head kick and a flying double knees. Spears kicked out on the pin. Sydal hit a running dropkick to Spears sitting in a chair on the floor. During Sydal’s celebration of that maneuver, Blanchard slipped a steel slug into Spears’ black glove.

Back in the ring, Sydal climbed the corner for a shooting star press. Spears regrouped, so Sydal canceled that maneuver and landed on his feet. Spears was able to grab Sydal into a C4 position. Sydal escaped down the back for a sunset flip, but Spears remained standing and pounced Sydal with a loaded punch.

Spears finally hit the C4 to win.

After the match, Spears was intent on one more punch. Sky ran in to chase Spears away before any unnecessary damage was done.

On paper, this episode of late night Dynamite didn’t look strong enough to pass on a good night’s sleep. However, all three matches were mighty solid. The intensity boiled to make each one feel like a genuine fight.

The opener with Sky and Carter was blazing. Seriously, get eyes on Carter’s two matches from Tuesday. He’ll instantly make you a believer. I love his non-stop pace. Not to mention his superior athleticism.

The biggest shocker of the evening wasn’t Jay defeating Brandi. It was the aggressive level of slobberknocker that took place. Believe it or not, this match was very exciting. Brandi brought her A game, considering her skill level. Thumbs up for Jay getting the satisfying victory. There was no upside to the story if Brandi would have won their first encounter.

I didn’t like Dark Order’s style of distraction at the end. It was as if their presence was unintentionally helpful. What’s the deal with Evil Uno lately? If he is growing a conscience, then Mr. Brodie Lee needs to discus lariat it right out of him. The Dark Order membership numbers are quite large, only eclipsed by the NWO. But, it is way too soon for a splinter group of polite members in Uno and Colt Cabana. I jest. I don’t actually think there will become two Dark Order factions. I’m just confused about what’s going on.

Spears and Sydal were given the main event slot and delivered an entertaining bout. The black glove has been teased for a very long time but rarely utilized with value. This finish was a nice payoff for that cheating method. It was a creative way to use both Blanchard and the black glove.

Share your thoughts on late night Dynamite. Which match was your favorite? Was this after hours concept something you would like to see more often?

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