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The Best Friends fail to get revenge for Trent’s mom

Santana and Ortiz have crossed the line in recent weeks in their dealings with The Best Friends, first by destroying Trent’s mom’s van, and then by making some insinuations about her.

That’s why it wasn’t surprising when the Best Friends jumped Santana and Ortiz before the bell even rang for their match on tonight’s (Sept. 2) episode of Dynamite. This incited a hardcore brawl before the match officially began, and it ended with Chuck Taylor being taken out with a pile of steel chairs.

The bell did eventually ring to start the match; both teams had to ditch the weapons and return to standard tag team rules. But the Best Friends were at a clear disadvantage due to Chuck laying unconscious in a pile of chairs on the outside. Trent didn’t fare much better in the ring, first having his knee targeted, and then missing a spear for a rough bump.

With Trent mightily struggling, Chuck managed to get onto the apron and make the tag, and somehow regained control of the match. All four men got involved in the fight again, but the heels used a steel baton (unbeknownst to the referee) to change the course of the match.

One Street Sweeper later, and Santana and Ortiz found themselves in the winners’ column.

What did you think of Santana and Ortiz vs. the Best Friends?

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