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AEW Rewind: Training session for MJF’s lawyer, Kenny Omega tease as The Cleaner, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

MJF is taking Mark Sterling under his wing for tutelage, but it does not appear to be going smoothly.

MJF’s reaction at the end is classic. Sterling can’t back out against Jon Moxley or else MJF won’t get his title shot at All Out on September 5.

AEW’s, “Road to All Out,” video hyped the feud between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara. That clash was made official for the PPV in the form of a Broken Rules match where Hardy will leave AEW forever if he loses. QT Marshall also delivered a strong promo to discuss earning his spot. He painted Cody Rhodes as borderline psychotic with an obsession for winning, but that’s not a bad thing. Cody gave QT a shot, and that’s why he is coming for revenge against Mr. Brodie Lee and the Dark Order.

On the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Ricky Starks discussed taking the thumbtack skateboard spot. It was more painful than he anticipated.

Time for the much beloved game of turning a shoot into a work. This week’s version features Chris Jericho and Jack Evans. Evans was asked to rank his top 10 in AEW, and Jericho took exception.

Evans blamed Jericho’s reaction on dementia then explained that Le Champion needs to get back in line before he gets hurt.

I don’t know how AEW could turn this funny little exchange into a mini feud for Dynamite, but make it happen. Evans and Jericho battling on the mic would be quite humorous, and we know they could deliver in the ring.

Congratulations to Sonny Kiss for graduating college.

Being the Elite

“You’re Out Of The Elite!” - Being The Elite, Ep. 219 (here) featured:

  • Mr. Brodie Lee sat on his lawnmower while the Dark Order chanted, “F**k, Hangman!”
  • The Young Bucks plugged their new book while discussing travel plans. Get the book at They also searched for their action figures at Walmart.
  • 5’s hair transplant kicked in with long flowing golden locks. He argued with Alex Reynolds about being the new hair guy in the Dark Order. Anna Jay came in to collect money from Stu Grayson. Mr. Brodie Lee was not impressed with Reynolds’ new tap dancing skills. He ordered Evil Uno to whack John Silver with the papers.
  • The Elite and Hangman Page were hanging out before Dynamite. They were still upset about Matt blowing the Chili’s sponsorship.
  • Colt Cabana’s face was bandaged after the gold removal. He needed someone to fix it back to the beautiful Jewish man he once was. Colt found Dr. Britt Baker DMD, but she’s a dentist.
  • Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon bickered about Avalon’s cheating backfiring. Leva Bates tried to pep talk them to meet in the middle between winning clean and cheating. Trust and believe in themselves.
  • Christopher Daniels approached the Dark Order about being sponsors for his infomercial. CD tried to sell vitamins, but Silver ate them all over a $20 bet. Silver freaked out with muscle flexing.
  • 50+ seconds for 50+ featured Cutler changing an oil filter.
  • The Bucks spoke with Jurassic Express about teaming on Dynamite. The Bucks quizzed them about tag team tactics.
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy planned to trip Brandon Cutler then stab him to death. OC was too slow pulling the trip cord, so Cutler walked right over it.
  • Sad music played for a reaction montage of the Bucks kicking Hangman out of the Elite. It closed with Kenny Omega staring into the car mirror as The Cleaner.

Dark Order stole the show once again with their hilarious hijinx, but the real takeaway is Kenny Omega’s tease as The Cleaner. Omega has been flirting with a transition to his heel persona from NJPW. The Cleaner has the killer instinct that Omega has been lacking in AEW. Recent flashes have occurred on Dynamite with attacks to Marko Stunt. Hangman’s betrayal last week may have driven Omega over the edge.

We’ll close with a cool honor for Dynamite. AEW’s program placed at #57 in TV Guide’s top 100 best shows of 2020. Keisha Hatchett wrote:

AEW Dynamite’s arrival was an electric jolt to mainstream wrestling, which had gotten creatively stagnant over the last few years. Each two-hour-long episode serves up an action-packed spectacle with gripping matches, a dynamic roster of eclectic characters we haven’t previously seen at this professional level, and creative storytelling that keeps fans on their toes. From Cody Rhodes’ career-defining promo to Nyla Rose’s groundbreaking championship win to Chris Jericho’s viral champagne joke, Dynamite not only lives up to the name but also represents the best of what today’s wrestling has to offer.

Do you agree with the ranking of Dynamite?

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