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Impact recap & reactions: Rosemary is getting married

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling (Sep. 1, 2020) featured a wedding proposal, the return of Tenille Dashwood, and a new Impact World Champion.

The big news from last night is Eric Young dethroning Eddie Edwards as Impact World Champ. Young had to cheat to claim victory. Get those details here.

For the second biggest story, love is in the air. John E. Bravo proposed to Rosemary, and she said, “Yes!” I can’t wait for the inevitable wrestle wedding. The only question is who will be the one to ruin it.

The story behind Wrestle House is that Rosemary locked a bunch of people in a house for as long as it takes to seduce John E. Bravo. Things boiled over last week when Bravo admitted his feelings for Rosemary. Taya viewed this as betrayal from her man servant. A match was made for Rosemary vs Taya with John E. Bravo on the line. Tommy Dreamer was kind enough to allow Bravo control over his destiny by making Bravo the referee.

Match time! After trashtalk, the ladies exploded with slaps.

Bravo took the honorable route of calling it down the middle. Or perhaps it was the cowardly route since he didn’t know who to choose. The action heated up with back and forth spears. A double head kick knocked each combatant down to the mat. Rosemary charged for a spear, but she collided into the corner when Taya evaded. Taya hit Road to Valhalla for victory. She won the rights to Bravo.

After the match, Rosemary was dejected in defeat. All of a sudden, Bravo bit into the apple of seduction and proposed marriage to Rosemary. Bravo said he could still be Taya’s manager, but he is in love with Rosemary. Taya was touched and gave her blessing. Rosemary said yes to Bravo, and everyone magically transported back to the Impact Zone.

Hooray! I love wrestle weddings. Double hooray! Wrestle House is finally over. It turned out to be worthwhile since it is leading to the marriage of Rosemary and John E. Bravo. Every wrestle wedding has obstacles during the ceremony. I’m wondering if this will be the moment that snaps Susie back into Su Yung. I don’t know who else could intrude. Taya seems satisfied with the arrangement. James Mitchell was stabbed to death. Allie is off in AEW. Havok appears content in the free world with Nevaeh. Abyss is doubling as Joseph Park in WWE. What’s Kevin Sullivan up to these days?

Let’s roll through last night’s episode from beginning to end.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne handled commentary duties.

Sami Callihan defeated RVD. Katie Forbes was ringside to provide numerous booty-shaking distractions. Anytime Sami had control, she got jiggly and broke his concentration. Sami was more annoyed than aroused. Katie also physically grabbed his foot at times.

The story was RVD losing a step in age. When RVD tried to close out the win, he was not agile enough to leap up to the top turnbuckle. That delay in his footwork allowed time for Sami to recover and hit a draping cutter. Sami went for a piledriver, but Katie got in the ring. RVD tried to take advantage with a roll-up, however, Sami reversed position to win.

Afterward, Sami had enough of Katie’s sass, so he chased her. RVD and Katie then stomped Sami. Katie rammed her cheeks into a chair to Sami’s face. RVD followed with a dropkick chair to the face.

Hernandez won money by beating Fallah Bahh in arm wrestling. Reno Scum wanted more money to take out Rhino in their tag match tonight. Hernandez agreed to hand over his entire wad of cash if Reno Scum gets the job done.

Wrestle House, part 1. Johnny Swinger paid off his debt from losing to Crazzy Steve last week. He was dressed like a hobo clown. Tommy Dreamer spoke with John E. Bravo. He made Bravo the referee for Rosemary vs Taya, so he can control his own destiny.

Rhino defeated Reno Scum. Rhino wanted Heath as his partner, but I suppose Impact management wasn’t interested. That meat Rhino went solo. After Rhino speared Luster the Legend on the floor, Adam Thornstowe was in the ring wrapping his hand with his studded belt. The camera went wonky, and it turned out to be Heath in disguise. He attacked Thornstowe with his Wake-Up Call finisher. Rhino pinned Thornstowe for the win.

Afterward, Scott D’Amore came with security to eject Heath from the building, so Heath cut out and ran away.

In the first part of a running storyline throughout the show, EC3 aired a surprise promo for Moose. EC3 will give Moose an opportunity to find him to claim the TNA Heavyweight Championship. If Moose fails, then EC3 will sent the belt back piece by piece.

Moose searched backstage and instructed security to call police about a hostage situation. The security dude told Moose that EC3 was on the other side of the building. After Moose left, he pulled off his sweatshirt to reveal an EC3 shirt. Ominous music played.

Good Brothers were telling stories backstage. They tried to pull the Rascalz in to listen, but Dez and Wentz wanted to focus on their match against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

Wrestle House, part 2. The Deaners accused Larry D of taking their beer. No truce this time. A comedy brawl ensued all over the house with ping pong, an elevator, a bicycle, Fuji dust, and much more. Susie flipped out about them breaking the truce. The camera caught her leaving the room with blood on her hands. The implication is that she wrecked the Deaners, Larry D, and Acey Romero.

Rascalz defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. Dez and Wentz had trouble handling Fulton’s power. They managed to seize control with a train of flying moves to the big man. The Rascalz finished with a double dive of Wentz taking out Fulton on the floor and Dez crashing onto Ace in the ring for the win.

After the match, the Motor City Machine Guns politely offered a title shot to the Rascalz for next week. MCMG beat the Rascalz as surprise opponents at Slammiversary, but they reasoned that the Rascalz should get a chance to properly prepare. Ace and Madman attacked the Rascalz before they could accept.

Deonna Purrazzo was worried about Jordynne Grace crashing her black tie celebration, so she enlisted Kimber Lee as backup. Moose interrupted looking for EC3.

Rohit Raju polished his X-Divison title belt. TJP came in looking for an opportunity. Rohit said Chris Bey is first in line due to a rematch clause. If TJP can beat Bey, then TJP will get his opportunity. TJP vs Bey will take pace next week.

Wrestle House, the finale. Taya defeated Rosemary via Road to Valhalla to win the rights to John E. Bravo. Afterward, Bravo proposed to Rosemary. She accepted. Everyone was happy and they all transported back to the Impact Zone. It was also revealed that Crazzy Steve stole the Deaners’ beer.

Tenille Dashwood returns at black tie celebration. Deonna Purrazzo celebrated her Iron Man match victory last week to retain the Knockouts Championship. That masterpiece leaves no doubt that she is the greatest technical women’s wrestler in the world. Jordynne Grace interrupted to congratulate Purrazzo on pushing her to the limit. Grace won’t be backing down, but enjoy the title reign while it lasts. Enter Tenille Dashwood.

Dashwood is coming for the Knockouts Championship. Dashwood and Grace got in each other’s face. Purrazzo was tired of all these clowns. That’s when the Wrestle House crew flashed into the ring. Purrazzo tried to attack #1 contender Kylie Rae, but Rae ended up standing tall with the title.

Bryan Myers is the most professional wrestler. He will offer a handshake to Willie Mack next week. Moose interrupted looking for EC3.

Impact World Championship: Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards to become new champ. Edwards cheated with a hockey mask then hit a piledriver to win. Get more details here.

EC3 a stalker? Moose found EC3’s hideout. There was a giant stalker/conspiracy board with tons of photos plotting against Moose. There was a knife stuck in a map. Moose understood and knew where to go to find EC3.

This episode did a good job with storytelling both in and out of the ring. RVD aging was a nice touch. That type of story usually leads to one last triumph. Since he is a bad guy at the moment, I’m curious how that tale concludes. The return of Tenille Dashwood was perfect to set up a feud with Jordynne Grace, while Deonna Purrazzo trifles with Kylie Rae. Both are matches I’m interesting in watching. The proposal from John E. Bravo to Rosemary was a sweet way to wrap up Wrestle House.

So, Eric Young is the new Impact World Champion. The match was exciting and made sense with Eddie Edwards’ injured knee. There has been discussion of Young winning the belt after an underwhelming run with WWE. I understand the general sentiment, but I don’t think it applies in this case. Young has strong history in Impact. It’s also not like Young is taking someone’s spot. Impact is light on top talent at the moment. I think Edwards was building a strong case as top guy with the weekly open challenge, and I would have preferred a longer run to cement his legacy.

I’m not sure what to make of EC3’s spy board. It came across like a creepy stalker and turned EC3 heel in my eyes. Moose is also on the heel side, so that is leaving me confused. It could turn out to be a good thing if it leads to evil EC3 mentoring Moose to control his narrative. Moose needs that extra touch to get over the hump.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. Who stole the show? Do you think Eric Young can carry Impact as top champ? What’s your take on EC3 and his peeping photos?

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