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Tay Conti wants an MMA challenge

Imagine a world where the Dark Order storms an MMA cage celebrating victory by one of Mr. Brodie Lee’s pupils. Sure, that is a dream scenario, but it is not as far off as it would seem.

It started with a simple request as Tay Conti was watching the UFC event this past weekend.

That desire was quickly answered by Combate Americas fighter Angela Magana (11-10 record). Conti did not back down.

Thunder Rosa put out support for Conti to join Combate Americas.

As did Jenn Decker. It did not fall on deaf ears. Combate Americas EVP Fight Ops & Communication Mike Afromowitz took notice.

Conti has the combat experience to earn a shot in Combate Americas. She is a judo black belt and Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt. Conti participated in the Olympic trials to represent the Brazilian team for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Combate Americas is no stranger to pro wrestlers making the transition to MMA. Sexy Star is 2-0 in the promotion, and Thunder Rosa lost her debut. They also booked Alberto del Rio vs Tito Ortiz on PPV. Conti would be a good fit there.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, Conti first has to accept the Dark Order’s proposition for membership. It would make story sense to do so, since she worked well with Anna Jay in The Deadly Draw women’s tag team tournament. Teaming again with Jay would also make for a better match against the Nightmare Sisters than a singles bout where Brandi Rhodes gets revenge for Jay choking her out.

After Conti and Jay handle business with Brandi and Allie, then bring on Mr. Brodie and the boys as Conti’s cheering section for an MMA fight. If Conti wins, then the dream can be achieved of the Dark Order being hooligans in celebration.

Would you like to see Tay Conti compete in an MMA cage?

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