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The women’s tag match scheduled for next week’s Dynamite is now a lot more interesting

As mentioned in our latest Rumor Roundup, the NWA Women’s title match on Dynamite last Wednesday (Sept. 16) did not go as planned. Sean Ross Sapp reported on Fightful’s Patreon that legitimate strikes were thrown between Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse. It’s not clear how edited the version we got on television was, but fans have pointed to this spot where the challenger no-sells a submission attempt by the champ...

... as a possible starting point for the issues between the two women. Exchanges like this followed:

Talk backstage after the match was that there may have been some issues between the two wrestlers earlier, possibly related to Rosa helping Dustin Rhodes training AEW’s women, and her well-earned reputation as a stiff worker. She’s also said to take representing the NWA very seriously, and obviously Ivelisse not participating while taking a move would be seen as disrespectful.

Sapp’s sources say there was support for the NWA champ in the AEW locker room, but also people who were uncomfortable watching the match. One person told him they were surprised the scheduled match pitting Rosa & Hikaru Shida against Ivelisse & Diamante was not pulled from the card for next week (Sept. 23).

That can be structured so Ivelisse and Thunder Rosa never have to work together of course, but that will be noticeable. It’s also not impossible the reports are wrong and fans are seeing what they want to see in the match now.

Either way, there’s gonna be a lot of interest in how this match comes out given how last week’s (surprisingly good, considering these reports) one went.

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