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Kushida followed up kicking Velveteen Dream’s ass with kicking Austin Theory’s

Last week, Kushida showed a new side of him, when he attacked Velveteen Dream, revenge for when Dream did the same to him. It was a side of Kushida we haven’t seen in NXT and, at this point, one we really needed to see from him. He had been lost in the fray after a couple injuries and this could be the spark to get back on track.

The Japanese star continued this week, this time coming for the obnoxious Austin Theory.

Theory came to the ring to try to make excuses for losing to Bronson Reed last week, issuing an open challenge to prove how good he is. It was a move he’d soon regret.

Kushida marched to the ring with a purpose and while it wasn’t a complete squash since Austin got some licks in, it was a decisive win. Kushy targeted Theory’s arm, sometimes rather aggressively, and soon had him tapping to the hoverboard lock.

First Velveteen Dream. Now Austin Theory. Folks in NXT may want to stay out of Kushida’s way.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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