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Tony Khan’s fines can’t stop the Young Bucks from attacking AEW officials

One week ago, the Young Bucks incurred a $5,000 fine from Tony Khan after superkicking AEW interviewer, Alex Marvez.

Tonight’s (Sept. 16) episode of Dynamite was supposed to kick off with FTR vs. Jurassic Express, but the Bucks decided to make their presence known before FTR’s entrance. The Jackson brothers suddenly superkicked the referee. Following that, they stormed backstage to toss a wad of cash at Tony Khan, presumably paying the fine that will surely be coming their way. FTR teased the Bucks a bit before the scene ended.

It doesn’t look like financial penalties will be enough deterrent to keep the Young Bucks from superkicking the hell out of anybody they feel like.

What did you think of the opening angle on Dynamite?

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