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AEW Rewind: OG Young Bucks, Matt Sydal botch explained, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

For the second week in a row, Being the Elite explored several stories relating to Dynamite. The Young Bucks confirmed a return to their OG style, Hangman Page’s attempts to apologize to the Bucks were thwarted, and there was more than meets the eye about Matt Sydal’s botched shooting star press in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out.

“A Very Slippery Rope” - Being The Elite, Ep. 221 featured:

  • Promo class Wednesday. Eddie Kingston cut a great, emotional improv promo on a chocolate chip cookie.
  • Brandon Cutler was with the Young Bucks. The Bucks had a snippy attitude and weren’t interested in vlogging. Matt Jackson thought it was time to bring back the OG Bucks who superkick anyone anytime. (Eddie Kingston walked through the background, shrugged his shoulders, and left. Is he stealing Colt Cabana’s gimmick of random BTE appearances?) Cut to Alex Marvez being superkicked on Dynamite and the Bucks being fined $5,000 each. The Bucks entered Tony Khan’s dressing room to pay the fine. Matt threw a wad of cash into the air all over the place.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver had a dance-off with Angelico and Jack Evans. If TH2 loses, then they have to join the Dark Order. Each man bust a move, and it went to a judges decision. Wardlow chose the Dark Order by a landslide. Orange Cassidy picked TH2. Stu Grayson was the final judge. He picked TH2.
  • Before All Out, the Elite were preparing the Casino Battle Royale lineup. Michael Nakazawa wanted to know his number for the match. The Elite all laughed at Nak’s assumption that he was included. They shared the identity of the Joker position, so Nak left to make an impact. Footage showed Nak squirting baby oil on the turnbuckle. During the battle royal, the Elite was unhappy with the quality and Matt Sydal’s botched shooting star press. Nak came back to reveal what he did. The Elite were angry at Nak’s idiocy and kicked him out of their locker room.
  • Reynolds and Silver tried to frame Stu Grayson. The Dark Order entered the bathroom with a message written on the mirror that Mr. Brodie Lee sucks. Reynolds handed the writing tool to Grayson. When Mr. Brodie saw the message, he inspected everyone’s hands. He came to Grayson but cleared him of wrongdoing since the message was signed Stooo. Stu isn’t stupid enough to misspell his own name. Mr. Brodie discovered that Reynolds and Silver were the culprits. Their punishment was to dunk their heads in the toilet.
  • Colt Cabana was looking for a doctor to fix his face. DR turned out to be Dustin Rhodes. Doctor turned out to be Doctor Luther.
  • Christopher Daniels cut a commercial for Silver Fox vodka. For the 50+ demo, Silver Fox is aged over 50 years. It is smooth, silky, and dependable. Hangman was drunk on the side. Cutler chatted with Drunkman about last week’s attempt to speak with the Young Bucks. Hangman criticized Cutler for failing to deliver. He demanded that Cutler do the job right this time. Cutler cut an Afterschool Special promo on Hangman’s alcoholism. Cutler refused to get angry so Hangman could justify his drinking to hide his troubles.
  • The Bucks gabbed with Matt Hardy and Baby Hardy. The Bucks thought Hardy was acting too normal after his concussion.
  • Nak came clean to Sydal. Sydal chased him down the hallway.
  • Cutler asked the Bucks to watch ringside his match against Peter Avalon on Dark. The Bucks agreed but thought the request was weird.
  • Megabyte Ronnie delivered two cakes to Cutler. It was all part of a plan with Hangman to gift the sweets to the Bucks and open their hearts for an apology. While Cutler was on the phone speaking to Hangman, competitive eater Ronnie couldn’t help himself and ate both cakes.

This episode is definitely important to fill in the gaps not shown on Dynamite. BTE did a good job of backtracking to explain certain actions. Some were jokes, like Nakazawa’s baby oil sabotage, and others were serious, like the Young Bucks going OG.

The Bucks reaction to Cutler’s request to be ringside was an interesting callback to Hangman’s similar request for 2019’s All Out when Hangman wrestled Chris Jericho in the inaugural AEW World Championship match.

There is also an underlying story that may bloom. This is the second week in a row with Wardlow interacting with the Dark Order recruitment specialists. That faction would be a good home for Wardlow if MJF cuts off his paychecks.

In other odds and ends, Taz finally revealed the meaning to FTW.

It seems like a meaningless jest, but I sure hope it is foreshadowing for Will Hobbs to join Team Taz. That would immediately elevate Hobbs’ status and also provide Ricky Starks a tag partner to give them both direction once this mess with Darby Allin is sorted out.

Brandi Rhodes has been busy using Anna Jay’s rear naked choke to win matches on Dark and also producing short films for Lil Bran Bran.

Brandi even found time to host Jim Ross on the latest episode of A Shot of Brandi (here). They prepared beans and drank Moscow mules.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus made an appearance on the NBA’s version of the ThunderDome for game 7 between the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics. How’s that for cross promotion on TNT.

We’ll close with new t-shirts in the AEW shop for Miro (fka Rusev), Anna Jay, and Abadon.

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