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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Sept. 16, 2020): Parking Lot Fight

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way live from Jacksonville, Florida. Advertised for tonight: NWA Women’s champion Thunder Rosa returns to defend against Ivellise, and Jurassic Express try to earn a shot at the belts when they face Tag champs FTR in non-title action. Plus, Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz in a Parking Lot Fight, Chris Jericho & Jake Hager face Private Party, World champ Jon Moxley will appear, MJF will be in action, Kip Sabian & The Best Man Miro will speak, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


I tend the wheat field that makes your bread. I bind the sweet veal, pluck the hens that make your bed. Mother Nature and Mother Earth are two of three women who dictate what I’m worth. I’m the liveblogger, I liveblog this show all night.

The show opens with Jurassic Express in the ring for a tag match against FTR when the Young Bucks come down and lay referee Mike Posey out with a Superkick Party!

Refs swarm the ring and help their fallen comrade out while the Bucks walk off together. They go backstage and throw a stack of money at Tony Khan, intending to pay the fine they certainly just earned themselves.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Jurassic Express (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & Luchasaurus)

Harwood and Perry to start, collar and elbow, Dax with a wristlock, quick tag to Wheeler. Shoulder armbreaker, another tag, into an armbar but Jungle Boy reverses and takes Dax down for two. Knucklelock, Arabian Press lucha arm drag into a dropkick and Jack is running hot! Deep arm drag into a top wristlock, Jungle Boy makes the tag!

Cash tags in as well, clear the apron, northern forearm to the dinosaur man and the champs begin the process of isolating the big man but he’s able to get a well-timed lariat in and stay in the fight. Dax dives right into a powerslam... NOPE! Tag to Perry, slam into a senton, no dice and Jack grabs an armbar. Harwood whips him into the corner and drops him with a back elbow!

Slingshot out and back in, off the ropes, leapfrog, leapfrog— Wheeler counters with a powerslam! Knees to the kidney, deathlock bow-and-arrow applied! Tag made, Dax in with a snap suplex and a nearfall, fireman’s carry and the tag. Assisted fireman’s carry gutbuster, no dice, grabs a kneeling Cobra Twist to grind Perry down.

Tag back to Harwood, tandem gourdbuster... NOPE! Whip across, Jungle Boy dodges a dropkick and the path is clear! Dax cuts him off but eats a huge lariat and Luchasaurus is fired up! Tag made and the dinosaur is a house afire! Double lariat takes both men out! Fireman’s carry on Cash and he drops him into Dax!

Goozle on Wheeler... CHOKESLAM! STANDING MOONSAULT! SO CLOSE! Sidestep the charge, Luchasaurus takes the buckles hard and FTR capitalize but he’s able to slip away from a double team and make the tag! Kick combo, Tail Whip, sliding elbow from Jungle Boy... HARWOOD KICKS OUT! Perry reverses a back suplex into a crossbody for two!

Dax gets him up again... BACKDROP DRIVER! Cash tags in, fireman’s carry, Jack slips out, rolls through the powerslam, inside cradle gets a nearfall! Knee strike connects, crucifix for two, victory roll for two! Harwood throws him into the corner, to the apron, roundhouse kick! Up topdiving crossbody, but Dax rolls through, handful of tights... NOPE!

Jungle Boy returns the favor... WHEELER HAS TO BREAK IT UP! Brawling with the dinosaur, goozle, Dax off the ropes and he knocks the big guy to the floor! Folding press from Perry for two more! Harwood with an uppercut, trading shots, small package... STILL NO! Wheeler sidesteps a dive on the floor and Luchasaurus goes into the crowd!

Perry dives on Cash, back to the apron, brawling with Dax, shoulder thrust, sunset flip, Wheeler counters, Tully Blanchard with the assist...

FTR win by pinfall with a side press and a bunch of illegal leverage from Dax Harwood on “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.

Alex Marvez is backstage where Matt Hardy is screaming agony on the floor, clutching his knee. Private Party are there and offer comment, saying they were talking strategy and then he got attacked out of nowhere. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager roll up to mock Hardy and threaten Private Party, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Kenny Omega has joined the commentary desk.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Frankie Kazarian

Collar and elbow, struggling into the corner, breaking at referee Aubrey Edwards’ command. Kazarian with a waistlock takedown, riding Page, front chancery applied, Adam goes to counter but Frankie rolls through into a pin for two. Drop toehold into a cravate, shift to a side headlock, shot off, knee lift, off the ropes, Page drops him with a shoulder block!

Drop down, catch the leapfrog into a body slam, Hangman throwing chops into the corner! Kaz fires punches and chops back, arm wringer into a chop that takes Frankie off his feet! Snap suplex, Kazarian returns chops into the corner, whip across, back body drop to the apron, triangle lariat and a plancha!

Hangman fired up, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, both men trading strikes as their gas tanks empty, charging forearms in the ropes, double lariats, German suplex but Page lands on his feet! Duck the lariat, he hits a lariat of his own! Hangman throwing forearms, whip into the corner, boot up, Kazarian dives but he catches him into a fallaway slam!

Standing shooting star press... NOPE! Duck the springboard lariat, slingshot DDT connects but Page kicks out! Going for the Unprettier, blocked, try a backslide, nope, Adam turns it around, flips him over but Frankie catches him... UNPRETTIER! NOT ENOUGH! Off the ropes, Page gets a sliding lariat, pumphandle Death Valley Driver... KAZARIAN KICKS OUT!

To the apron, Frankie slingshots him back in into an Ace Crusher... STILL NO! Scoop and a slam, Page catches him on a dive into a slam of his own for another nearfall! Looking for Buckshot, Kaz slides under him, palm strike on the floor, Hangman slides off the apron with a lariat! Throwing him back inside, another slap from Frankie, a headbutt follows.

Slingshot blocked, boot gets an elbow, dodge the leg drop, slingshot...

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Buckshot.

Post-match, Page chills in the ring seemingly hoping Kenny Omega will join him, but Omega does not, and Hangman has a beer.

We get a video package breaking down Best Friends vs. Proud-N-Powerful.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance, flanked by Wardlow, to send us to break.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Shawn Dean

A squash...

MJF wins by pinfall.

Post-match, Friedman gets on commentary and talks about how honest he is and how Jon Moxley cheated. From here on out, since he should be undefeated and he should be world champ, he wants to be referred to as the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned world champion of All Elite Wrestling. He makes Justin Roberts say it and say it with gusto.

He says he’s a lone wolf but maybe it’s time to join himself a wolf pack, but no matter what he does, at the end of the day, he’s still better than us and we know it.

Taz gets a video package breaking Ricky Starks’ trademark maneuvers down.

Eddie Kingston is in the ring with his stablemates and he gets on the mic and says he’s got three points to make.

Number one, he never lost the battle royal. Look up the rules, folks, he should be getting something.

Number two, they are a family, they’re not a stable or a faction, they’re a family, and when families fight, most of the time they go out to dinner, have a little therapy, but not them. They’re a family of violence, so they get violent, and they are agents of chaos.

He signals Andy Williams and Pepper Parks to pull folks out of the crowd and beat them down, throwing some poor schmuck in the ring to get double superkicked by the Lucha Brothers.

That was to get his family ready, you see.

Number three, he tells Blade it’s time to get his house in order, and we go to break.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Jake Hager) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Hager and Quen to start, power vs. speed, drop toehold and Kassidy comes in with a bulldog to start turning things around! Jake to the floor, Jericho on the apron, Marq dropkicks him to the floor, Private Party off the ropes... STEREO TOPES! Beating the Inner Circle men down on the floor, back inside, quick tags to try and keep Hager off his feet.

Double suplex, cover for two, Jake throws Marq aside and boots him down before tagging Chris in. Mounted punches, disdainful kicks, back suplex square in the middle of the ring for one. Kassidy gets the tag, diving seated senton on Y2J, quebrada... NOPE! Charging in, back body drop to the apron, Hager cuts him off when he goes to springboard in and Jericho dropkicks him to the floor to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Hager is in charge and throwing Kassidy around. Clubbing him down, kneeling on his throat, into the corner but Isiah’s fighting back and looking for the tag! Big slam puts him down, Jake clears the apron, Kassidy springboard tijeras attempt, Hager catches him, Quen on the apron... SILLY STRING!

Tags made, Marq in hot, Manhattan Drop into a dropkick, dropkick for Hager too, off hte ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Back on the apron, springboard crossbody takes Jericho down... NOT ENOUGH! Arm wringer, tag to Kassidy, double whip, Poetry in Motion! Front chancery, swing him around, double stomp / neckbreaker combo but Isiah’s slow to capitalize... JERICHO KICKS OUT!

Body blows in the corner, sidestep, Jake crashes into Chris, Y2J perches and Kassidy hits an Avalanche Frankensteiner when Hager pops him up... SO CLOSE! Isiah with forearms against the ropes, whip reversed, schoolboy... NO! Springboard Ace Crusher but he doesn’t go for the pin, instead heading up top.

Kassidy off the top, senton atomico... NOBODY HOME! Y2J nails him...

Inner Circle win by pinfall with the Judas Effect from Chris Jericho on Isiah Kassidy.

Post-match, Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Kassidy! Quen comes in and hits a Pele Kick on him, laying him out!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get some hype for our main event Parking Lot Fight as well as for next week’s show.

Ivelisse vs. Thunder Rosa (c) (NWA World Women’s Championship)

Circling, throwing strikes, Ivelisse catches a kick and follows it up with an arm drag. Rosa with arm drag of her own, front chancery, blocked, catch a forearm, stalemate! Ivelisse pie-facing her, Thunder throwing a palm strike right back, overhand chop, knucklelock, lucha arm drag, duck the lariat, tijeras connects!

Ivelisse with a solebutt, springboard arm drag, sidestep the charge, boot up, a tijeras of her own! Charging forearm from the champ, off the ropes for a facewash, folding press... NOPE! Gory Special applied, Diamante up on the apron for interference and Ivelisse counters to a backslide and a sliding knee... only two!

Thunder Rosa rolls to the floor to recover, Iveliise with a roundhouse from the apron and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Ivelisse in control with chest kicks, trading forearms, Rosa backs her into the corner and hits a big corner clothesline into corner knees! Kick to the midsection, off the ropes, basement dropkick gets a tight nearfall! Ivelisse going for a snapmare, Rosa reverses into a Russian legsweep into the arm-trap crossface!

Ivelisse gets the ropes, Rosa picks her legs but she lands a solebutt and goes to the apron. Springboard attempt countered with a forearm, Death Valley Driver connects... NO GOOD! Ivelisse rolls through, kick to the face, folding press... THUNDER ROSA KICKS OUT! Back and forth...

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall with a Tombstone Piledriver to retain the NWA World Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Diamante attacks Rosa from behidn and kicks her to the floor! Ivelisse grabs the title belt and holds it high but Hikaru Shida hits the ring and makes the save! Shida grabs the NWA title and gives it back to Rosa before taking her leave.

We get a recap of Miro’s debut from last week.

A video package of Miro lifting weights while Kip Sabian talks him up. Miro gets up, eager to get in the ring and fight, and Kip reminds him that something else comes first. Miro says he’s going to throw the best bachelor party, they fist bump each other and Penelope Ford, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lance Archer makes his entrance and pulls some poor schmuck out of the crowd and throws him into the ring before dropping him with a chokeslam.

Jake “the Snake” Roberts gets on the mic.

He asks if you’d trade your heroes for ghosts, hot ashes for a cool breeze, and continues to riff on Wish You Were Here for a bit longer. Sometimes in wrestling, movies, and politics, you find yourself in bed with somebody you might now usual to go bed with, and that’s what they find themselves doing right now.

Sometimes you need information, or money or a way out, and for them, they need tag team partners. Two men for a trios match, and if he’s going to lay in bed with the devil, he’d just as soon lay in bed with a tasmanian devil.

Enter Taz.

He says Team Taz is extremely excited and happy to do business with them, and it’s all business. Like they discussed, the trio of Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, and Lance Archer is a deadly trio and a great deal. And they have a deal, where when Archer destroys Jon Moxley and takes the title, that Lance will give Brian Cage the first shot at the title.

Lance says Taz and his boys are enemies of his enemy, and that makes them friendly, but come October 14, after he puts that punk-ass Jon Moxley down, AEW’s gonna have a killer new champion, and he doesn’t care about Eddie Kingston’s whining and crying, the Monster and the Machine are gonna go Godzilla on Daily’s Place.

Jon Moxley’s music hits and we see him standing at the edge of the crowd, mic in hand.

He goes to start talking but a fan attacks him— it’s Ricky Starks! Brian Cage joinse the beatdown! Security tries and fails to the make the save! Team Taz beat him down and throw him through a road case! Will Hobbs makes the save with a steel chair! Team Taz run away!

Mox gets on the mic and says it’s a hell of a team Archer’s put together, but he’s got a team of his own put together, and it starts with Will Hobbs! But they’re gonna need a third, so he’s gonna call Taz’s favorite wrestler, Darby Allin! He knows he’s watching at home and he had better get his ass to Jacksonville next week because they’re going to war!

Commentary hypes next week’s show up, including Orange Cassidy getting a shot at Mr. Brodie Lee’s TNT Championship, to send us to break.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) vs. Proud-N-Powerful (Ortiz & Santana) (Parking Lot Fight)

Cars are arranged in a circle, as they should be, and Ortiz and Santana are wearing corpsepaint.

Brawling begins immediately, Santana throws Taylor into a wall but Chuck smashes him into the trunk of a car and then into a side mirror! Trent slams a hood on Ortiz repeatedly! CHUCK TAYLOR SENTON ATOMICO INTO THE HOOD WHILE ORTIZ IS STILL UNDER IT! TRENT HITS A SENTON, TOO! Beretta throws a board at Ortiz and it bounces off and hits him in the face!

Chuck smashes Santana’s face into a car, Ortiz and Trent trading strikes, Santana pulls out a collapsible baton and nails Taylor with it! He hits Beretta as well! CATAPULT INTO THE OPEN TAILGATE OF A TRUCK! ORTIZ THROWS A SLEDGEHAMMER AND CHUCK DUCKS IT, LEAVING IT TO SAIL THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD OF ONE OF THE CARS!

Smashing Ortiz into the trunk, pulling him up onto the car, jockeying for position... ORTIZ SNAP SUPLEX ON THE ROOF! SANTANA ADDS A SPLASH TO THE EQUATION FOR TWO! Ortiz throws a trash can at Chuck, Trent stalks after him, cuts Santana off with a kick and drags a door over, leaning it on the hood of a car. Ortiz hits him with the baton and draws him up.

Beretta slips out of the powerbomb, cuts Ortiz off... SPEAR THROUGH THE DOOR! Santana recovers and smashes Taylor with the remnant of the door, axehandle, clubbing blows, smashing his face into the hood! Trent throws a chunk of door at Ortiz’s head! Taylor slams Santana into the corner of the car! Ortiz blocks a tornado DDT and cracks a dustpan across Beretta’s head!

Chuck grabs a length of barricade and leans it against a car. Ortiz with right hands, Taylor blocks a suplex and suplexes him into the barricade! Santana cracks a plank over Trent’s back! Beretta fires an elbow back and smashes him into the hood of a car, right hands, fired up! Chuck directs traffic, Trent gets on a car but Ortiz hits him in the gentleman’s area!

POWERBOMB INTO THE ROOF OF THE CAR! Trent dragging himself along the pavement, hurting bad as PNP lift him up... DOUBLE POWERBOMB PUTS TRENT THROUGH THE GODDAMNED WINDSHIELD! Chuck fighting valiantly, breaking a board over Ortiz but Santana puts him into the trash cans! Beretta’s back bleeding and raw, Ortiz hits him with a plank and jams it into his neck before raining punches down!

Proud-N-Powerful well in control, Santana punching away on Taylor against the hood of a car, referee Rick Knox checks on him but he’s not allowed to stop the match! Ortiz has Trent atop the truck, some plywood stretched across the bed, Santana has a length of pipe... BUT ORANGE CASSIDY GETS OUT OF THE TRUNK!


Best Friends win by pinfall with a Dudebuster through plywood from Trent? on Ortiz.

Best Friends have their hands raised and walk off together.


That’s the show, folks.

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