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There might be two episodes of AEW Dynamite next week

The NBA playoffs continue to add uncertainty and confusion to the television schedule for AEW Dynamite.

Tony Khan recently mentioned that there would be an extra one hour episode of Dynamite added to the schedule in mid-September. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer tried to clarify the possible dates for these two episodes of Dynamite. It all depends on whether or not there is an NBA playoff game scheduled for next Wednesday night (Sept. 16) in Dynamite’s normal time slot, and that might not be known for sure until Monday night (Sept. 14).

“The most likely situation is there will be an NBA game, and then after the NBA game will be a one hour Dynamite, perhaps from midnight to 1 AM. They’ll have the NBA game, Inside the NBA, which is the post-match show, and then they would go to Dynamite for one hour. None of these matches that we just talked about will be on that one hour show. That one hour show is different. It’s a standalone show, I think it’s being taped [Thurs., Sept. 10]. And then the Thursday [Sept. 17] will be all of the matches that they announced.”

“Now if there is no NBA game, then that Wednesday [Sept. 16] will be a two hour show, in the regular time slot from 8 to 10, and the one hour will air at a different time...It will be Tuesday, September 22, would be the one hour show, if it does not air this Wednesday.”

Of course Dave made sure to throw in this caveat:

“None of this is etched in stone, but this is where it stands right now.”

So there you have it. If the NBA playoffs have a game next Wednesday night (Sept. 16), then we will get a special one hour late night episode of Dynamite following the NBA post-game show, followed by a two hour episode of Dynamite on Thursday, Sept. 17.

If there is no NBA playoff game next Wednesday night, then Dynamite will air in its typical two hour time slot that night (Sept. 16), and the special standalone one hour episode will air the following week, on Tuesday (Sept. 22).

That’s where things stand right now, but like all things in pro wrestling, it’s subject to change.

Will you be checking out the special one hour episode of Dynamite if it does indeed air late night Wednesday after the NBA playoffs?

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