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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Sep. 9, 2020): Mystique lost

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AEW Dynamite (Sep. 9, 2020) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. The fallout from All Out featured the debut of Miro (fka Rusev) and Mr. Brodie Lee defending the TNT Championship against Dustin Rhodes.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent live results and play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Mystique lost

The main event continued the saga the Dark Order taking down the Nightmare Family. Mr. Brodie Lee defended the TNT Championship against Dustin Rhodes. It was a much more tightly contested affair than the squash on Cody Rhodes.

The battle was back and forth with brawling and technical prowess as well. Dustin had Mr. Brodie in serious trouble after a Yoshi Tonic and a Cross Rhodes. Mr. Brodie bounced back with a superkick and a powerbomb. Dustin regained momentum after a cannonball senton off the apron onto the floor.

John Silver was ringside for the contest. Silver sensed the Exalted One needed assistance, so he attempted to interfere. In true Silver fashion, it backfired. Silver was powerslammed by Dustin. Mr. Brodie did try to take advantage with a discus lariat, however, Dustin blocked it and delivered a piledriver. Mr. Brodie barely had the energy to grab the rope on the pin break.

Both men were exhausted at that point. They squared up to exchange blows. Dustin got the upper hand with a big clothesline. Mr. Brodie would not lie down though. Dustin kicked him into the ropes. Bad strategy. Mr. Brodie used the momentum to shoot back with two thrust kicks and a discus lariat to win. Mr. Brodie is still the TNT Champion.

Looking at the match by itself, it was solid with big moves and moments. Within the context of the greater Cody storyline, Mr. Brodie lost some of his mystique with this performance. He was coming in as an indestructible monster. I was hyped seeing Mr. Brodie strut with power and confidence into the ring. When it came down to the nitty-gritty, Mr. Brodie needed outside help. Even though Silver’s assistance failed, that type of tactic was damaging to Mr. Brodie’s aura. He barely won by the skin of his teeth. Dustin did a great job, but it is hard to be as excited for the clash with Cody now.

Fallout from All Out

Fallout shows from a big PPV generally reveal big surprises and new story directions. Dynamite was jam-packed with plenty of talking segments to address both.

The biggest question mark was what would happen to the Elite and Hangman Page. The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman all had separate scenes. The Bucks pulled a jerk move by double superkicking Alex Marvez without instigation. That resulted in a $5,000 fine each. Hangman admitted fault for his actions and expressed desire to continue tagging with Omega, meanwhile, Omega is happy to be through with that partnership. He is intent on achieving singles success.

These Elite fellows are a moody bunch. The Bucks yo-yoed from being calm voices to Omega at All Out to being total creeps on Dynamite. Then we have Omega being hysterical at All Out to being coolheaded on Dynamite. Hangman took a step toward redemption by acknowledging his mistakes, however, he is also still drowning his sorrows in booze. The story turns continue to keep my interest, but I’m struggling to root for any of them.

Last week, I criticized Jim Ross for justifying the Bucks’ rude attitude. I have to give him credit this week for chastising their behavior. I also like AEW fining the Bucks. It is consistent with past administration action taken against other wrestlers. They should do one better and let Marvez get a free nut kick to each Jackson.

The biggest surprise was the debut of Miro (fka Rusev). He was revealed to be Kip Sabian’s best man for his wedding with Penelope Ford.

This segment dragged on a little with comedy reveals of some random dude and then Brian Pillman Jr. There was confusion over a comma in, “You’re the best, man.” It was all worthwhile by Miro appearing. His presence made my eyes light up with glee. I couldn’t have asked for a better Miro Day. The man is here to destroy the competition.

The pairing of Kip and Miro seems out of nowhere and a manufactured dig at WWE’s ban on third party platforms by mentioning they both have a twitch channel. I have faith AEW will make the relationship evolve, so we can understand why Miro is Kip’s best man.

Matt Hardy cut an in-ring promo thanking fans for the outpouring of support after his scary fall at All Out. He is expected to make a full recovery. When Hardy returns, he will get back to winning matches and chase the AEW World Championship.

It was a solid babyface promo working up the crowd and declaring motivation. Hardy should get a nice pop once he returns. AEW made the right call not having anyone interrupt. That helped Hardy’s words feel genuine and not just a set-up toward his next angle.

#1 contender Lance Archer and World Champion Jon Moxley cut separate backstage promos. Jake Roberts believes that Moxley will piss himself once Archer grabs ahold of him. Archer is confident that Moxley’s reign will come to an end, and there is nothing Moxley can do about it. Moxley’s reaction to Archer being next is that nothing worth doing is easy. Archer will be tough, but he sees him as a man, not a monster.

Nothing memorable was said by either man. We’ve heard it all before. It was a simple introduction to the title match on the October 14 episode of Dynamite.

MJF fired his campaign staff and had a heated conversation with Wardlow. He had to remind the big man who actually signs his checks. It is not time for aggression. Instead, it is time for planning to get back on top.

This scene did well to address the heat between MJF and Wardlow and serves as another brick building toward their eventual separation. I think it is safe to say all of us can’t wait until Wardlow snaps MJF’s neck.

FTR celebrated their status as champs with backhanded compliments to other tag teams. That led to Jurassic Express taking exception and dumping the ice box onto FTR. They’ll compete against each other in a non-title match next week.

With the Elite being unlikable at the moment, FTR tricked me into thinking they would become my team of choice in the eventual showdown with the Bucks. They handed out beers early in the celebration. I thought that was very nice and worthy of my support, then FTR swerved me with their insults. Well played.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager announced their future direction. The duo plans on climbing the tag team ranks to capture gold.

I like the move for both men. It keeps them motivated while out of the World Championship picture. It also gives fresh matchups for the tag team division. I’m curious who will take the pin when it is time to lose. Both are heavily protected.

After losing to Jurassic Express, Fenix shoved Pentagon. Eddie Kingston flapped his gums for a long time trying to convince the Lucha Bros to make peace. Fenix extended his hand, but Pentagon wasn’t having it. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed.

What a tasty tease. It would be a shocker if the Lucha Bros collide, but a match between the two would be awesome. That potential story is much more interesting than whatever Kingston has planned. Kingston is trying to keep his crew together by using emotional blackmail of PAC and Allie not being around. It was odd how Kingston mentioned Blade’s wife considering Allie is in a storyline as the lover of QT Marshall. That crossover into reality didn’t work.

I hope this particular story doesn’t drag on needlessly. AEW is doing a good job with the year-long Elite story, but that has several layers to it. The story of Kingston’s crew does not. I’m already tired of their fussing.

Kingston closed with a juicy nugget. He claimed that he was never officially eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale. I have no idea if that is true. Unfortunately, commentary did not dig into that claim nor show any replays.

The feud between Santana & Ortiz and the Best Friends is ready to be settled. Santana & Ortiz ambushed Orange Cassidy from behind. Best Friends ran in for the save. This felt more like a way to get in the Best Friends’ craw rather than orders from Chris Jericho. That led to a parking lot challenge for next week. Trent tried to act tough, but Ortiz humorously taunted him by throwing a line back about his mom, Sue. Thankfully, I’m not too old to laugh at mama jokes.

Ricky Starks mocked Darby Allin once again. Starks donned his emo outfit to send the message that he will absolutely kick Allin’s ass next time they meet. I don’t believe there was any update of Allin’s status after being thrown in a body bag full of thumbtacks.

Nyla Rose planned to dole out more punishment to Tay Conti after their match. Hikaru Shida ran in for the save with a kendo stick. Based on this incident, it appears that Rose is next up for the women’s champ.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

What a loser. Dynamite opened with a comedy classic featuring Chris Jericho and MJF. Tony Schiavone was outside when two big vehicles pulled up. Out stepped Jericho and MJF. Jericho issued words of encouragement about MJF being cheated by Moxley’s Paradigm Shift. It will be okay, since MJF will be champ very soon. MJF returned volley by lamenting at how Jericho was forced to wrestle a soulless ginger prick in Orange Cassidy. MJF wished Jericho well in getting back his championship. It was a cordial meeting. As the two walked away, the camera went into split-screen as each said the same line, “What a loser.”

That was perfect use of backstage comedy. It created intrigue, which didn’t really pan out since Jericho and MJF didn’t cross paths again. Seeds were planted for down the line if a feud blooms in the future. That scene was also a clever way to mix characters together. It makes the AEW world feel more complete when wrestlers are aware of what else is going on in the promotion.

Jurassic Express defeated Lucha Bros. This was a high-energy bout to get the blood flowing. Of course, these four pulled off plenty of cool sequences. Luchasaurus sent Fenix flying off the ropes with a chokeslam.

Fenix would not be outdone. He had a stylish Gory Driver to Jungle Boy while executing a leg drop to Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy’s heart and determination was the takeaway. He kicked out of the Lucha Bros teamwork package piledriver flying stomp finisher. Jungle Boy won the match by anticipating another teamwork attack and pushing Fenix into a Mexican Destroyer. Jungle Boy rolled up Fenix for the three count.

The action was exciting, but the finish was a crock. I like the idea of Jungle Boy outsmarting the Lucha Bros. The execution of doing it on a jumping Mexican Destroyer is what looked silly. In my view, Pentagon could have stopped his motion once he made contact with Fenix. It was one of those situations where viewers are required to roll with it and not examine the physics too deeply.

Orange Cassidy defeated Angelico. Angelico worked submissions then OC exploded for a suicide dive, flying crossbody, swinging DDT, and a superman punch to win.

This victory felt a little too easy for OC. He was never in danger despite the submission attempts. Beating Angelico looks nice on paper as OC builds up his record to get ranked. I appreciate that he is now taking matches seriously. That was my biggest gripe about Cassidy’s initial style. Being lazy in a match made it very hard for me to maintain suspension of disbelief.

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager defeated Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela. This no DQ bout was quite competitive. Kiss and Janela used a frenetic pace to take control against the slower, predictable Inner Circle. The big spot was Jericho catapulting Janela into Hager’s arms so he could be thrown off the stage through a table.

In the end, Jericho blew a fire extinguisher into Kiss’ face. That led to Hager flatlining Kiss and pinning him with an arm triangle choke.

Kiss was the star of the match. Fresh off the elimination of Hager in the Casino Battle Royale, Kiss had moments of domination against both the Inner Circle. Kiss is not ready yet for bigger things, but all these standout performances will add up to build a fan base and credibility when the time is right.

Nyla Rose defeated Tay Conti. Conti pulled off some slick transitions to submissions. Rose was too powerful in the end. She powered out of an octopus armbar to Beast Bomb Conti for the win.

Conti looked good in defeat. I’m glad she is now officially signed to AEW. Conti brings a unique style that is lacking at the moment.

Stud of the Show: Bicycle knee strike

Tay Conti pulled out a nifty maneuver that I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed before. I’ve seen bicycle kicks and I’ve seen jumping knee strikes, but I’ve never seen the combination into a bicycle knee strike. It was pretty dope. The crisp sound of contact put it over the top for me. The strike looked and sounded brutal.

Dud of the Show: Hype for Cody Rhodes’ big announcement

During Dynamite, commentary put over that Cody was going to make an announcement. They repeatedly mentioned it during the main event. That led me to believe it would be related to the outcome of the TNT Championship match. Something major tying into Mr. Brodie Lee. That was not the case.

The breaking news was Cody as one of the hosts on a new stunt gameshow called Go-Big Show.

Congratulations to Cody for the gig. I don’t mind the cross promotion. It was the framing of it as a big announcement that I disliked. This news had nothing to do with wrestling, so it felt like a letdown.

Grade: B-

The bouts were solid and entertaining. This was a building block episode to set up future directions. The show faltered a little with so many talking segments. The backstage stuff was direct and to the point. The in-ring promos dragged at times. Next week should have more action with six matches. On the plus side, we got the surprise of Miro. That makes it all worthwhile.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show? Was it an effective fallout from All Out?