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Matt Hardy is really milking Sammy Guevara’s chair shot mistake

Sammy Guevara reportedly earned a stern talking to for mistakenly using the wrong chair in an angle with Matt Hardy on Dynamite, leading to the latter suffering a deep cut on his forehead when Sammy threw said chair at him. It looked awful, and the heat was well deserved.

This is pro wrestling, though, and that means the shoot has to become part of the work:

“You ever have those moments in life where it seems like time stands still? I had one of those last week on AEW Dynamite when I got into a brawl with that little weirdo bitch Sammy Guevara. And after eating a ring post and coming back, I remember being placed on a table. And it seemed like time was standing still, everything was in slow motion. I remember seeing an object, a chair, that was open, come flying at my face. In my mind I was thinking ‘that’s no average steel chair, folding chair, that you see in pro wrestling. No, that’s a three or fours times heavier heavy ass industrial grade chair. That’s what is flying at my face.’ And I tried to pull my arms up as fast as I could but they felt like they weighed a million pounds each and I couldn’t quite block it. The chair got through. I remember it exploding my forehead, and then my world went black.

“Whenever I woke up after that I was lying in the remains of a broken table and blood was coming out of my head like it was Niagara Falls. Sammy, that literally could have killed me. Congratulations. You’re going to go down in pro wrestling history as the guy who threw the most dangerous, reckless, vicious chair shot in history. But that’s not the only thing you’re going to hold when you go down in wrestling history. You’re also gonna go down as the person who had the most potential — unlimited potential — but never lived to realize it.

“Because now it is my mission, it is my duty, Sammy, to end you. And not just physically hurt you, it’s my mission to rid you from this business. Because you don’t deserve to be in the same industry I am in. You don’t deserve it. You see, I’m sure you live life every day very easy go lucky, day-to-day, whatever happens you’re a young single guy — not me. When you put my life on the line, I have a family. I have a wife, I have three young kids that depend on me every single day.

“You took a chance on ruining my life. People, promotions, they’ve been trying to kill me, literally and figuratively, for the last two decades. But they don’t succeed. Do you know why? Because I don’t die. I don’t die. I don’t die! I don’t die! I don’t die! I don’t die!

“Can you say the same?”

Obviously you never want to see anyone get legitimately hurt in the course of a pro wrestling show, but no one would argue it isn’t going to do quite a bit to help these two sell a match against each other.

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