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Hangman Page’s theme song disco mash-up will keep you dancing all day long

No better way to start a Sunday than with a jamming tune to boost the energy flow. AEW’s music man, Mikey Rukus, has outdone himself by mashing Hangman Page’s entrance song with, “You Should Be Dancing,” by the Bee Gees.

Enjoy the song and get ready to dance. Video courtesy of Wrestle Joy.

“You Should Be Dancing to Cowboy Shit,” received the stamp of approval from Hangman.

Once Hangman gets past his millennial strife, I hope he adopts this as his new theme song. Maybe Rukus can pull a Jimmy Hart move and make a similar beat just different enough, like so many popular WCW theme songs. Heck, this track might be just what Hangman needs to be pulled out of his moody funk and into a dancing funk. I bet even FTR would give this song a whirl.

I wonder if Hangman made the wrong choice joining the Bullet Club in NJPW. He may have been better off with Los Ingobernables and Los Ingobernables de Japon. They know how to dress for that Bee Gees song. Check out Rush and Naito. John Travolta would be proud.


Rukus had another great idea for a dance line in the AEW locker room. Nyla Rose is on board.

You better believe we’ll keep you updated on if any dance videos come out.

Which AEW theme song mash-ups would you like to hear?

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