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MLW Roundup: Brian Pillman Jr. seeking his release, Fusion returning soon?

Let’s catch up on the week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s episode of MLW Underground. Brian Pillman Jr. is looking for his official contract release, Gino Medina continues to stir the pot with his Dynasty brothers, and MLW might be returning to the ring very soon.

We’ll start with an exciting tease. New MLW matches could be in the works soon. At least, that’s what I’m gleaning from CEO Court Bauer’s tweet.

I don’t think the clock refers to signing The Boogeyman. If not a return of the weekly Fusion TV program, what else could it be? MLW’s next scheduled event is October 3 in Dallas, TX. Let’s cross our fingers that the coronavirus pandemic won’t postpone that show.

Pulp Fusion

MLW is back with storylines grooving in Pulp Fusion. This episode had a message from Contra, a clearer shot of the mystery man scouting Contra, and Alexander Hammerstone strutting with his newly won bodybuilding trophies.

The format of Pulp Fusion is a quick cut montage of promos intermixed with each other. Let’s break it down.

  • Josef Samael had a message from the Contra Unit after Simon Gotch swiftly choked out Jordan Oliver last week. Everyone begs for mercy as Samael laughs on his throne built from the rubble of broken men. MLW’s renegades lay ruined. MLW will be remade in Contra’s vision.
  • Tom Lawlor was still on his way to the airport to fly to Hawaii. This week had footage of Kit Osbourne inside the suitcase.
  • Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father sent him to therapy after all the damage at the country club from Holliday’s 4th of July party. The therapist sent him on a nature walk. Holliday was having trouble finding rarefied air. He’ll still have another party in two weeks. Holliday tried calling Guy Fieri to cater, but he couldn’t get past Fieri’s assistant.
  • The Von Erichs want MLW to come to Wrestle Island (Hawaii). They want all the tag teams, but they really want Team Filthy.
  • Calvin Tankman has been waiting to show the world what heavyweight hustle is all about.
  • Gino Medina will reveal his reasons for being in MLW very soon. He is currently on quarantine with lots of mamacitas.
  • The bald mystery man was watching more tape on Contra.
  • Salina de la Renta was not happy about her assistant bringing designer purses not in pink. In anger, she threw a Louis Vuitton bag into the pool. One of her other assistants humorously dove in the pool to save the handbag.
  • Alexander Hammerstone was strolling around his apartment complex wearing two medals and holding three trophies from the bodybuilding contest. He was ranked tan of the night and first place in vascularity. He reminded us all that he is top-ranked for Jacob Fatu and the World Heavyweight Championship. Hammerman wanted to take a few more laps to make sure everyone has seen him.

The most intriguing scene was the image of the bald mystery man scouting Contra. We got a better glimpse of him this week.

MLW Pulp Fusion

My initial reaction was Kurt Angle. I doubt it is him, but it sure would be cool. Low Ki was my original guess back when these scenes began, but that dude is too large to be Ki. After looking at the MLW roster, Logan Creed popped out as a suspect. I’m not betting money on him as the big reveal. That means it could be someone new or returning. If that is the case, then it could be a wrestler with name value. A random young guy wouldn’t provide the same pop of excitement once we learn who it is.

Which scene in Pulp Fusion was your favorite? What outsider could fill the role as the mystery man watching Contra?

MLW Underground

The next episode from the vault of MLW Underground is set to feature big-time heavyweight action.

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Satoshi Kojima vs Vampiro
  • #1 Contender Match: Mike Awesome vs Jerry Lynn
  • Super Crazy vs Fuego Guerrera vs Christopher Daniels

Kojima aims to rack up title defenses, while Vampiro may have more on his mind regarding Raven and a Clockwork Orange House of Fun challenge. Awesome’s goal is to become champ. He’ll get his chance to move to the front of the line by defeating Lynn. Putting Super Crazy, Fuego Guerrera, and Christopher Daniels in the same ring will be explosive with innovative maneuvers. Super Crazy defeated the red warrior last week. A rematch was scheduled, and MLW added Daniels to mix it up. All three contests look exciting. It is a tough call to predict which bout will steal the show.

***MLW Underground is preempted this week on beIN SPORTS.

MLW’s weekly program (Fusion, Anthology, and Underground) airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET / 7 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

Quick hits

In an interview with Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast (here), Brian Pillman Jr. said that he is interested in seeking his release from MLW.

Brian Pillman Jr.: Sooner or later, I’m pretty sure we’ll try to come to an agreement where maybe MLW can release me or something of that capacity. As far as I’m concerned, there’s just not any guarantee on any shows happening. I understand it’s a pandemic and it’s just business. There’s no hard feelings. I absolutely love that company. Major League Wrestling has been nothing but good to me my whole career. I appreciate them and I respect them allowing me to take these other opportunities, even though it is fully in my legal right to do so.

I appreciate them being cool for me, but it’s just one of those things where if you’re not running shows and other people are, wrestlers got to eat. Wrestlers got to pay their bills. I’m not out here just trying to get over and put myself over. I’m out here actually just trying to pay my rent.

Pillman has been actively trying to free himself from MLW obligations since June 1. His goal and dream is to be signed with AEW. With a return to the ring potentially on the horizon for MLW, hopefully this can all be smoothed over to make everyone happy.

It looks like there is more discord in the Dynasty. Gino Medina made an outrageous claim that ruffled feathers.

Founding member MJF is not too pleased with the Dynasty’s direction under Richard Holliday.

It wasn’t all bad this week for the most dynastic faction in the history of MLW. Alexander Hammerstone took home gold at the First Annual Hammerstone Bodybuilding Invitational (aka NPC Terminator Bodybuilding event) in Tucson, Arizona.

Congratulations to Hammer. He also broke the tan meter, as commemorated on his new t-shirt.

Tom Lawlor may be in trouble with the law after a carjacking on last week’s Pulp Fusion. MLW is monitoring the situation with Las Vegas authorities. An anonymous MLW official stated, “If he is convicted of a crime, MLW will take appropriate actions. Until that point in time, we will continue our own internal investigation.” I think charges may depend on if Lawlor returned with cheese melts as he promised. That might have been enough to soothe any hard feelings.

Lawlor has a new t-shirt as well. He may need your support by buying merch to help with future bail money.

MLW is also selling a variety of face masks.

The Mance Warner mask should have a latch contraption over his mouth, so you can open it to drink light beers with Ole Mancer while still wearing the mask.

Do you agree with Gino Medina’s claim that mamacitas are greater than the Dynasty?

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