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Matt Hardy wears the crimson mask after dropping all of his gimmicks

Matt Hardy recently suggested on YouTube that he was done using all of his gimmicks on AEW television.

He came out on Dynamite and explained in detail what’s behind this decision. He was thrilled to celebrate all of his past work in front of an appreciative AEW fanbase, but it was time to move on to a new chapter.

He went on to explain why he interfered with Sammy Guevara last week, and why he is no longer interested in helping Guevara see the light and split from Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. But Hardy knew that Sammy would come, and a wild brawl ensued. It did not end well for Matt Hardy, who might need to be stronger than death to survive a war with Geuvara.

What did you think of the Hardy/Guevara angle?

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