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Big Swole versus Britt Baker’s mystery opponent announced for Dynamite tonight

Get ready for a mystery opponent tonight on Dynamite.

Big Swole had been tormenting poor Dr. Britt Baker DMD for weeks by dumping trash on AEW’s role model. A kidnapping by Swole led to a suspension. Dr. Baker decided to take on the challenge of a heroic comeback from a medical tragedy to compete against Big Swole at All Out on September 5. Dr. Baker made one tiny request before accepting the bout. Big Swole has to beat a mystery opponent of Dr. Baker’s choosing to earn the opportunity against AEW’s Michael Jordan.

Now, it looks like Big Swole will be back on TV shortly. Dr. Baker is interested in ending Swole’s punishment.

Tony Khan made it official for tonight on Dynamite.

Big Swole is rearing to go.

Nyla Rose had a humorous observation about the fight graphic.

At first, I was thinking Tay Conti would be an interesting choice. She debuted with AEW during Monday’s first episode of The Deadly Draw women’s tag team tournament. After looking at that mystery silhouette, perhaps Mel or KiLynn King are up for the fight. It’s too bad AEW doesn’t dip into intergender wrestling. That means Tony Schiavone won’t get the call to defend the honor of his best friend.

Who are you predicting to be the mystery opponent against Big Swole?

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