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Brandi Rhodes is approaching megalomaniac status

Hard work can breed success, which in turn can breed confidence. Brandi Rhodes was been doing the work, and now it seems that confidence has gone to her head. She had a busy last few days by winning a first-round bout with Allie in The Deadly Draw women’s tag team tournament, the release of her new action figure, and the announcement of the female-forward community called Heels. All of these events have contributed to Brandi’s apparent rapid slide toward megalomania.

Something clicked in Brandi’s brain during her post-match victory promo when she realized that she is a big star.

Cody is chalking it up to the rush of having her own action figure.

There may be some truth to that. I mean, who brings their action figure to the gym for a workout? Brandi, that’s who. Lil Bran Bran pumped iron with kettlebells.

Brandi still hasn’t slowed down with self-praise about her accomplishments as Chief Brandi Officer.

Brandi also sat down for an interview with Haris Kruskic of Bleacher Report Live. She embraced her new attitude to the max. It is a sight to be seen. I recommend the full interview (here), but here’s a short snippet.

Brandi’s explosive ego feels like it launched into orbit at a moment’s notice. I was not so hot on it at first on Monday night, but I’m now all in on Chief Brandi Officer. Her dedication to pushing the narrative so quickly and so hard is outstanding. Not to mention it is quite funny. It will be interesting to observe how this folds over onto Dynamite, but don’t be surprised if it sticks to The Deadly Draw for now. Heck, Brandi single-handedly made the women’s tournament much more intriguing.

This newfound confidence has me wondering if Brandi’s story is coming full circle back to her therapy sessions as leader of the Nightmare Collective. Perhaps Allie’s plan for revenge was to drive Brandi back to the brink of madness. There are a lot of layers to explore in this saga.

Do you like what you are seeing from Chief Brandi Officer? Where do you think this story could be heading?

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