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AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament, Episode 1

AEW kicks off its “Deadly Draw” Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament tonight (Mon., Aug. 3, 2020) on its YouTube channel starting at 7 pm ET. The tournament rules dictate that teams are determined by a random draw, and no one knows their teammate going in. There will be 8 teams.

The first round begins tonight with the following being the only matchup they’ve promoted so far:

  • Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrew vs. Tay Conti & Anna Jay

Enjoy the show!

Quick hits:

Shaul Guerrero out to be ring announcer, and Veda Scott was brought in to do commentary. Madusa was also there to do an intro to the tournament.

They showed team draws from “earlier today” backstage. Brandi and Allie just so happened to get paired together. Then Penelope Ford and Mel did as well. That set up a match between the two.

Brandi Rhodes & Allie def. Penelope Ford & Mel

They went through the process of showing how Nyla Rose and Ariane Andrew — who told the camera “I’m back” before saying “girl, hi” to Nyla — came to be partners, as well as Anna Jay and Tay Conti. That was how they brought us to that match, which was previously promoted for the show.

Anna Jay & Tay Conti def. Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrew

They did an interview with Brandi and Allie backstage. Brandi says she realized with her match that she’s a huge star, which annoyed Allie, who wanted her recognition. Brandi just kept putting herself over.

Next came an interview with Jay and Conti. Jay didn’t want to talk about the Dark Order, while Conti said they’re the most beautiful team in AEW now.

Here’s the updated bracket:

See you next week!

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